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When planning or renovating a kitchen, the aim is an ergonomic, well-equipped, and stylish result. Picking the right fittings and accessories can make all the difference to the feel and convenience of a kitchen, and so at we offer high quality kitchen accessories and plumbing supplies to help you get the most out of your kitchen.
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The kitchen is the centre of activity for many households. A place to cook, eat, relax, and socialise, where people gather to eat breakfast in the morning or relax after dinner with a glass of wine, the kitchen has long been a vital area in British households and equipping it properly is a great investment.


The most used appliances in any kitchen are the kitchen taps. Used for everything from washing up pots and pans to pouring a simple glass of drinking water, the flow of fresh, potable water is an important part of any kitchen.
Installing a tap that works for you and looks great in your kitchen is important, and there are many different things to be considered.
Kitchen taps are now available in a range of styles, shapes, and functions. Some have LED lights in, for practical or decorative purposes, whilst others have varying methods of control and output such as mixer taps, single lever taps, and so forth.

The right tap should not only look great in your kitchen, it should also be practical. A tall tap might look elegant, but if it prevents you from opening your kitchen window it is not all that useful. A tap that does not swivel is also more restrictive than one which can move more freely, making it harder to accommodate large pans and dishes whilst doing the washing-up.

Whatever kind of tap you need for your kitchen, we have a great selection at


Cooking often produces large amounts of heat, steam, and sometimes (if things go wrong) smoke. An extractor fan serves to contain all of these things, drawing them up and out of the kitchen and keeping your cooking space clear and workable. At we offer several high quality extractor fan systems, along with replacement carbon and dust filters.

Whatever you need to make your kitchen perfect, just take a look through our great selection of high quality kitchen fittings and accessories and order online today for the best prices from!