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There is always something for the DIY enthusiasts to do, whether it is building a house, renovating or just doing the necessary repair or maintenance work. Home builders can save a lot of energy and time when using the right tools, such as concrete mixers, agitators and the matching stirring rods. The time saved can then be invested in new ideas and goals.
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Mortar agitator: useful hand & concrete mixer for the DIY enthusiast

It is much easier to work in and around the house when you have the correct tools. These tools are also suitable for artists, whether they are building sculptures, making plaster casts or concrete figures.

This often raises the question about which hand equipment is most suitable and practical in order reach the set goal quickly. When purchasing concrete mixers, you have the choice among ring trough mixers, planetary mixers or pan mixers. All these mixers are able to combine sand, water and the correct aggregate to form concrete, keeping it lubricious until it is processed.  

All three mixers have a pot-like vessel that is filled with the components. The difference among the three is simply that the planetary and the ring trough mixers work somewhat differently to the pan mixer. Depending on the quality they often possess rotating agitators which together with the mixing arms refine or improve the mixing results. The finished mass is discharged by means of a pusher.

The pan mixer rotates around the vertical axis a bit slower, but due to the eccentrically situated mixer on the inside, the components can be optimally mixed and quickly removed through the opening. The agitator can be changed several times. The pan mixer is mobile due to wheels and also very stable.

You will find mobile concrete mixers in our online shop with many advantages:

  • first class agitators
  • simple operation
  • good drainage
  • stability
  • optimal mixing results
  • easy cleaning

Agitator for mortar, cement and plaster

Our agitators are independent, working stirring rods with a strong engine power with which components can be mixed directly on site. They are suitable for both professionals and laymen and are indispensable for artists who work with concrete, plaster or cement. Even painters who need to mix paints will appreciate this device.

Our online shop offers hand mixer agitators with different power levels. The hand mixer agitators are suitable for the rapid mixing by paddle of tile adhesives, paints, mortar, cement or plaster. They are easy to use, quick to deploy, can be changed in the performance (fast - slow) and is strength and energy saving.
These are innovative independently functioning agitators suitable for the professional, the DIY enthusiast or the artists with high demands. The agitators available in our online shop mixers have been tested for safety and performance.

Purchase your agitators & stirring rods

We offer stirring rods which fits our hand mixer agitators. The stirring rod has a different arrangement to that of the paddle and is particularly suitable for liquids which are not too thick in consistency to produce a homogeneous mass. The stirring rods are predestined to achieve good homogeneous results when working with paints, varnishes, paints, glue and plaster masses. Of course mortar or concrete masses can also be mixed to achieve a better adhesion.

Our agitators & stirring rods are:
  • customized
  • effective
  • easy to clean
  • affordable
The stirring rods are available in our online store at affordable prices. All devices can of course, also be useful when working in the garden, at home or in the kitchen. The application possibilities are numerous. The advantage is that the work proceeds more quickly without being strenuous. So you save a lot of energy and precious time!