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Pumps are useful for a variety of purposes, from keeping a pond fresh and filtered to extracting deep water from a well or underground reservoir. Whatever project you need a pump for, you'll find reliable and powerful pumps for fantastic prices online at the Jago24.co.uk DIY shop.
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From changing the car oil to installing a fish pond in your back garden, pumps are useful for a range of household DIY projects, and an efficient pump with the durability to last a long time is a great investment.

Pond Filter pumps

Every kind of pond, from a small garden fishpond to a private swimming pool, needs a pond filter. This simple device helps to keep the flow of water constant and clean, preventing the build-up of algae and other unwanted substances as well as keeping the water oxygenated, which is vital for the well-being of fish.

Well pumps

Groundwater, underground streams, and reservoirs, can all be accessed using a well pump, which uses pressure force to draw water from deep underground up to the surface. Once you know the precise depth at which the water supply you want to access lies, you can pick out a well pump of a matching length, allowing you to draw water from underground for any range of purposes. A well pump with an included filter helps to prevent blockage or damage to the pump, as well as helping to clean and purify the water.

Interior water pump

Water pumps for the interior of your home can serve a range of functions. Whether you want to extend your plumbing system, run a water supply through to your garden, or pump out rainwater or floodwater, an interior water pump can help to manage the water levels throughout your house.

Oil pumps and diesel pumps

When it comes time to change the oil in your car, an oil pump can help you to efficiently pump large quantities of oil in a short time, without the need to get your hands dirty or lose unnecessary amounts of oil to spillage and other mishaps.
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