Compression tester kit for diesel and petrol engines

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  • case: ca. 35/26/11 cm
  • analysis tool
  • includes O-rings
  • with storage case
  • includes adapters for motorbikes, multi-valves, etc.

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Contents Included

Compression tester kit for diesel and petrol engines

Problems with your engine are annoying. You can quickly find the cause with this compression tester kit for diesel and petrol engines. Are there worn valves or piston rings? Is it due to a tear in the cylinder wall or a defective cylinder head gasket? You can get to the bottom of things with the help of the analysis tool. Thanks to the included adapters, you can use the kit on your motorbike as well as a car. Multi-valve engines can be checked, too. The pressure gauge shows values from 0-100 psi.

  • find engine faults

  • compression tester checks emissions

  • helps establish the source of the problem

  • adapters for motorbikes, diesel motors and multi-valves

  • suitable for petrol and diesel engines

Technical Information
  • case dimensions (w/h/d): ca. 35/26/11 cm

  • O-rings: 3 x E1, 3 x E2, 5 x E3, 3 x E4

  • operating pressure: ca. 80 mm; 0-100 psi

  • hose length: ca. 100 cm

  • weight: ca. 2.6 kg

  • adapters:

    • M14 x ca. 1.25 mm for multi-valves

    • M12 x ca. 1.25 mm for VW diesel engines

    • M24 x ca. 2.00 mm for diesel engines

    • M12 x ca. 1.25 mm for motorbikes

    • M10 x ca. 1.00 mm for motorbikes and diesel engines

Contents Included
  • 1 x compression testing kit – includes:

    • 1 x pressure gauge with hose

    • 1 x 14 O-rings (4 sizes)

    • 1 x adapter for motorbikes

    • 1 x adapter for diesel motors

    • 1 x adapter for multi-valves

    • 1 x adapter for VW diesel motors

    • 1 x storage case

    • 1 x multilingual instructions (EN/DE/FR/ES)

Art.No.: DVTS03