Tractor seat with shock absorber

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  • for all tractor brands
  • h/l/w: ca. 59.5/51/49 cm
  • adjustable: ca. 50-130 kg
  • seat movable by: ca. 5 cm forward and backward
  • made of iron, steel, and plastic material with PVC coating

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Tractor seat for all tractor brands

Tractor seats are, as a rule, exposed to great stress every day, and work in fields is difficult and hard. Seats are sometimes torn at the seams and padding can spring out. When this happens, it is high time   to buy a new tractor seat which is stable and durable.

Feel comfortable in the field

Your new seat will win you over with its price and comfort. Set the shock absorber according to your weight from 50 to 120 kg and provide an optimal seating position when moving your seat forwards or backwards up to 15cm. Installation is simple and quick, especially for a farmer.
  • comfortable tractor seat for all tractor brands
  • shock absorber adjustable according to body weight between 50-130 kg
  • seat adjustable up to 15 cm forward and backward
  • inner and outer material is very durable
  • fast and simple installation in your tractor
Technical Information
  • dimensions:
    • (h/l/w): ca. 59.5/51/49 cm
    • adjustable suspension: ca. 50-130 kg
    • seat moving: ca. 15 cm forward and backward
    • weight: ca. 14 kg
  • material:
    • plate: iron
    • tube: steel
    • cover: PVC
    • artificial material
    • colour: black
Contents Included
  • 1 x tractor seat with shock absorber TRST02
  • 1 x multilingual instructions (EN/DE/FR)
Art.No.: TRST02