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DIY work can be simple and straightforwards, but for anything beyond the most basic of tasks, having a well-equipped place to work is vital and can boost your productivity, making DIY easy, convenient, and safe. Take a look through our wide range of workshop equipment, including workbenches, trestles, and ladders, and outfit your own private workshop today with!
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A well-equipped workshop is the basis for a successful home improvement project, and alongside the necessary tools and materials, workspace equipment such as workbenches, trestles, and more, helps provide a comfortable and convenient workshop for you to carry out a range of projects in, whether you are building a birdhouse or a king-sized bed.

In our broad and varied catalogue you will find plenty of workshop equipment, including:
 Tool trolleys
 Folding and extending ladders
 Tool cupboards
 Cable reel


A workbench is the centre of any workshop. A wide, flat work surface of durable material is the most important feature, followed by trays and storage for materials and parts, with hooks and drawers for tools and machinery, placing everything within arm's reach to make any project easier.
Trestles, trolleys, and toolboxes add capacity and capability to your workshop, helping to keep things organised and letting you make the most of your available space. Trolleys act both as storage and transport, letting you select the tools and material you need and move them all to where you need to work, as well as letting you move heavy objects around the workshop with a minimum of effort.
Ladders and ladder platforms increase your mobility during a project. Ladders give you access to inaccessible objects such as overhead piping and light fixtures, whilst ladder platforms provide a more stable footing from which to work and can also be used to store items and equipment, though the appropriate safety guidelines should always be observed when using any kind of ladder.


Outfitting your workshop to a professional quality doesn't have to come with a professional pricetag. At the online DIY Shop, we offer a wide range of quality workbenches and workshop equipment at fantastic prices, available to order online today!