HWWP02 Domestic Water Booster Pump by Aquamarin

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  • Colour : red - black
  • Weight : approx.15.4 kg
  • 56 x 56 x 35cm
  • Voltage: 230V ~50HZ
  • Holding capacity: approx. 24l

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Contents Included
Provide yourself with constant water pressure and improve your current supplies of water.

Whether for the water system, watering of courtyard and garden, pumping out rainwater, using it as a toilet flush or any other private use- this water pump won´t leave you high and dry.

Let the water flow!


  • High durability and no discolouring of the water, because all parts conveying water are made of non-corrosive material with oxidation stability.
  • Maximum flow rate: approx. 4500l/h
  • Operates with a strong maintenance-free engine with thermal overload protection
  • Large footing which offers greater stability
  • Electronic pressure switch with manometer which automatically turns on/off when water is needed
  • Massive 24 litre steel tanks!
  • Input Power: 1500W
  • Ready for connection with power plug
  • Extensive foot for high stability
  • Splash-proof On/Off switch
  • UK conversion plug included

This device has been accredited by test centre Intertek and has a seal of approval GS "Safety Checked". Certificate number: 14SHH0786-01

Technical Information

Technical Information:

  • Voltage: 230V ~50HZ
  • Input power: Maximum 1500W
  • Maximum flow rate: approx. 4500l/h
  • Water temperature: approx. 4 - 35°C
  • Inlet pressure (in operating mode): approx. 1.5 bar
  • Outlet pressure (in operating mode): approx. 3.0 bar
  • Maximum suction head: approx. 45 m
  • Maximum conveying distance: approx. 45 m
  • Dimensions: 56 L x 56 W x 35cm H
  • Weight : approx. 15.4 Kg
  • Holding capacity: approx. 24l
  • Material: Steel & plastic material
  • Colour : red - black
Contents Included

Contents Include:

  • 1x Domestic Water Booster Pump including power cable
  • 1x UK conversion plug
  • 1x trilingual instruction manual
Note: This pump is not self-priming.
Art.No.: HWWP02


This device has been tested by the accredited laboratory INTERTEK and has obtained a quality mark (GS ' geprüfte Sicherheit') "safety checked".