Hot-Wire Styrofoam Cutter with Safety Guard

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  • l/w/h: ca. 165/45.5/17 cm
  • 3 wires included
  • cutting height 400 mm
  • oblique and diagonal cutting
  • light and stable framework made of aluminium

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Contents Included

Professional equipment for professional results

A hot-wire foam cutter is used to cut polystyrene and other materials by heating a wire to extreme temperatures, and then passing it through the material being cut. The heat from the wire in fact vaporises the material just before contact, rather than cutting it directly. This kind of tool is commonly found in private and commercial workshops and is useful for achieving precise and accurate results.This piece of equipment is made of durable materials to an exacting standard, and the inbuilt safety guard helps to keep you safe whilst you work, and inbuilt protection against overheating is designed to help to reduce workplace accidents. Allowing you to make oblique and diagonal cuts, with three wire cutters supplied, this is a versatile and useful piece of equipment that will serve well in any workshop.
  • XXL Size: 165 cm long + 45 cm width
  • diagonal and cross section cuts possible!
  • fix mounted safety frame for more safety while working
  • max. cutting length 1280 mm!
  • max. cutting hight 400 mm!
  • wide range of angles and high adjustability
  • cut many various forms (5 different forms in manual)
  • light and stable framework made of aluminium
  • CNC mill, waterproof plywood
  • inclusive 200 W transformer with overheating protection
  • transformer is fixed on the plywood
  • includes 3 cutting wires!

Technical Information
  • dimensions (l/w/h): ca. 165/45.5/17 cm
  • wooden board dimensions (l/w): ca. 155/38 cm
  • weight: ca. 15.6 kg
  • input: 230 V~50 HZ
  • output: 40 V~5A
  • power: 200 W
  • regulator 1000 mm  0-75 º
  • protection rating IP44
  • input side with 1.8 m cable
  • primary rubber cable, secondary with XLR connector
  • material:
  • CNC- mill, waterproof plywood (18 mm thick), frame made of aluminium
  • colours: dark grey
Contents Included
  • 1 x styrofoam cutter for self-assembly
    • 1 x 200 W transformer
    • 1 x protection frame
    • 3 x cutting wires
  • 1 x manual in 3 languages (EN/DE/FR)

The colour of the cutting board can vary (colour will be either light or dark grey)

Board colour may be light grey or green

Art.No.: STSC01