Flywheel Puller Set - 10pcs

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  • 10 flywheel pullers
  • 5 double-ended
  • Left-handed included
  • Easier bike repair
  • Suitable for nearly all motorbikes

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Contents Included

Essential for any biker

For real motorbike enthusiasts who have the technical know-how to repair their own bikes, this 10-piece flywheel puller set is a must-have. For those who aren't scared off by a little DIY this set will prove an invaluable asset. With 10 pieces, including five double-ended pullers, this set contains a total of 15 different pullers, even including flywheel pullers for relatively rare left-handed flywheels. Whatever bike you own, you'll find the right puller in this handy 10-piece set.

Doing the job properly

Removing your flywheel is easiest with professional tools. Of course, you could try with with a hammer and spanner, but then you run a significant risk of destroying the magnet or even the entire ignition. Investing in a proper set of flywheel pullers can be far more economical in the long run.

  • A suitable flywheel puller for every common motorbike
  • Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Honda and many, many more
  • 10 flywheel pullers, 5 of which are double ended
  • One flywheel puller for left-handed flywheels
  • Sturdy carry case
Technical Information
Flywheels suitable for a range of motorcycle manufacturers, including:
  • Double ended:
    • M28 x 1.5mm and M22 x 1.0mm
    • M27 x 1.25mm and M20 x 1.0mm
    • M26 x 1.5mm and M22 x 1.5mm
    • M28 x 1.0mm and M26 x 1.0mm
    • M27 x 1.0 mm (lright-handed)
  • Single ended:
    • M25 x 1.5mm
    • M19 x 1.0mm
    • M14 x 1.5mm
    • M16 x 1.5mm
    • M18 x 1.5mm
  • Material: Steel
Contents Included
  • 5 x Double-ended flywheel pullers
  • 5 x Single-ended flywheel pullers
  • 1 x Carry case
Art.No.: PRAZ01