20 Ton Workshop Press

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  • pressure up to 20 Tons
  • precise control
  • hydraulic pump
  • adjustable work height
  • align, bend, straighten, assemble

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20 Ton Workshop Press

Adjustable and practical

This hydraulic workshop press allows you to exert precise pressure exactly where it is needed. Professional and powerful, it can help with a range of tasks from bending to assembly work, allowing for excellent results and a professional finish. The work surface height of this workshop press can be adjusted between 0 and 87 centimetres, meaning that you can work with a huge variety of different tools and materials and always have your work surface set to the appropriate height. Never use this workshop press on objects which can break (eg. hollow objects) or be ejected (eg. springs) during the pressing process. The workpiece to be machined must be well secured, to ensure that it will not be pushed to one side during the pressing process. Additional safety information can be found in the accompanying safety manual.

  • product dimension (w/h/d): ca. 63/150/60 cm
  • net weight: ca. 70 kg
  • max. press pressure:  20 t
  • working height ca.:  0-87 cm
  • working width: 55 cm
  • precise guidance
  • hydraulic pump
  • height adjustable workbench
  • for alignment, bending, assembly and straightening work
Technical Information
  • max. press pressure:  20 t
  • product size (w/h/d): ca. 63/150/60 cm
  • working height: ca. 0-87 cm
  • working width: ca. 55 cm
  • net weight: ca. 70 kg
Contents Included
  • 1 x workshop press (WSPR03), for self-assembly
  • 1 x hydraulic pump
  • 2 x pressure plate
  • 1 x multilingual instructions (EN/DE/FR)
Art.No.: WSPR03