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A garden bench is decorative and serene place to relax, especially when placed in a green surroundings. Here you can recover from the stress of everyday life, read or have breakfast with the family. You will find just the right bench to suit every taste at Jago24, whether you opt for a rustic wooden bench, an easy-care plastic bench or a robust garden bench made of cast iron.
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The garden bench — a thousand years of history

In ancient times a lot of time was dedicated to the creation and maintenance of green areas and horticultural feats performed. Seating opportunities were of course not left out. At that time they were mainly made of stone or marble. In modern times people went over to using other materials and invented the garden bench. Since then they have become indispensable in our parks and domestic gardens.

Design and shapes of garden benches

When buying a garden bench you basically have the choice among many different models. You can choose according to your taste and needs. An antique bench does not fit in a modern landscaped garden. In this case a modern bench style is recommended. Basically, there are no limits to the imagination. Both simple and elaborately decorated garden benches can be found.  Jago 24 has a wide selection of garden furniture in diverse shapes and design, whether square, semi-circular, round or even foldable.

Things to consider when purchasing a garden bench

When buying a garden bench you should consider the number of people the bench has to seat at one time. Due to its size, a 2-seater might be more suitable for the balcony, whereas a 3-seater or 4-seater is ideal for the terrace, garden, under a tree or by the pond. The material also plays an equally important role. Whether wood, plastic, cast iron or metal – choose a material which fulfills your requirements. Control whether the garden bench is weatherproof, UV and frost resistant prior to your purchase. Care instructions vary depending on the material chosen.

Materials and their properties

Garden benches are made of these four important materials:
  • wood
  • cast iron
  • metal
  • plastic

Wood: Whereas in former times just European woods were used, tropical hardwoods are now being used to manufacture garden furniture. They have a high concentration of oils and are therefore highly suitable for outdoor use. The natural wooden garden bench is known primarily from English parks, where they have been used as park benches or centuries, giving visitors an opportunity to rest and enjoy their surroundings.

Cast Iron: Cast iron is composed of an iron-carbon alloy with a high carbon content and is known for its robustness and ease of maintenance. Garden benches made of cast iron are particularly weather resistant. These benches as well as wooden benches are frequently found in public parks. Garden benches with cast iron frames and a wooden seating are also not uncommon. However, due to their weight, they are not suitable for the balcony or the terrace.  They can also cause damage to tiles and are therefore more suitable to be placed in gardens and lawns.

Metal: Metal benches are made of aluminum, stainless steel, steel or iron. Furniture made of these materials should be painted with a weatherproof paint before being placed outdoors.

Plastic: Plastic garden furniture are inexpensive, easy to clean, weather-resistant and are lightweight. They are ideal for the patio. However, they have the Image of being "cheap". Those  who not deterred by this, will also be happy with their plastic garden benches and a colourful seat cushions, placed on the patio.

Care and cleaning of garden benches

Your new garden bench requires exactly the same care as your other pieces of furniture, in order to extend its service life. The garden bench should be cleaned regularly with water and a mild detergent. Protective coverings are recommended when the bench is not in use over a long period. Appropriate covers for garden benches can be found in our online shop at jago24. In winter the garden bench should be stored in a dry, not too cold and well-ventilated room. For homeowners the cellar or the garage is an ideal place to do so.

Your wooden garden bench requires special care. Wood furniture tend to turn grey with time. Oil your furniture two to three times a year. If the wood has turned grey, it is recommended to abrade the top layer and then apply a glaze.  In this way the natural colour of your wooden bench can be  preserved for a long time.

Purchase your garden benches online from JAGO at affordable prices

Affordable garden benches in various shapes and materials can be purchased from our online shop at jago24. Place your order online today. Free shipping is offered within Germany.  Fast delivery is a matter of course.  Further information concerning shipping and delivery can be found on our website. Demanding customers appreciate our many different payment methods. Jago24 is regularly audited by Trusted Shops and have been awarded with its seal of approval.