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Garden owners appreciate the advantages of having a gazebo. A gazebo provides protection from the rain during a garden party or protects us from excessive ultraviolet radiation. It also provides shade on hot summer days. Whether it is a simple shelter or closed with side panels - gazebos or marquees are becoming increasingly popular.
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The gazebo -  always provide a protective roof over your head

Gazebos provide protection in many weather conditions as well as sufficient space for guests or garden furniture. Pavilions are available in different shapes and colours. The mobile versions are very popular as they can be mounted and dismounted quickly.  Party tents are not only found in the garden but are also an integral part of campsites or festivals.

Portable or fixed gazebos

Many people spend a lot of time in the garden and on the terrace from spring to autumn. The weather conditions are not always ideal.  Sometimes there is a sudden rain shower or sometimes the sun shines mercilessly at more than 30 degrees. Gazebos offer protection from these elements. Portable gazebos can be used flexibly, whereas fixed gazebos are very weather-resistant and durable. Your choice of model mainly depends on how often and where the gazebo is to be used.

Portable gazebos

Lightweight gazebos and pop-up gazebos can be assembled and disassembled relatively quickly. They consist of a thin metal framework over which a covering made of synthetic material is spanned. Lightweight pavilion constructions are mainly used as protection from the sun and only provide limited protection from the rain. They are available in different sizes and colours. The gazebos are lightweight and can be transported easily in a carry bag. All necessary parts for the gazebos are included in the delivery, so that they are immediately ready for use.

Pop-up gazebos have special features. They also have a steel or aluminum framework. As the gazebo is pre-assembled, no tubes have to be inserted into each other. The outer frame legs of the gazebo are gently pulled to expand the frame and then unfolded. The canopy of the gazebo is already attached to the frame. Pop-up gazebos are inexpensive, easy to set up and especially suitable for mobile use.

Fixed gazebos

Metal gazebos are often used to provide permanent shelter for terraces or garden furniture. They are therefore not designed to be repeatedly assembled or disassembled. Metal gazebos are heavier and more stable than lightweight gazebos and can withstand strong winds. The canopy is made of a synthetic material and should be removed in winter.

Wooden gazebos are the most elegant among all the garden gazebos. A wooden gazebo has a fixed roof made of shingles or reeds and requires a concrete foundation, making it particularly stable and weatherproof. The construction is expensive as well as complex but will pay for itself in the long run.

Size and material of the marquee

When choosing a proper pavilion for your garden or patio, you should consider how much space is available and the purpose for which the pavilion is to be used. Garden tents are available in four sizes:
  • 3 x 3  metres = 9 m²
  • 3 x 4  metres = 12 m²
  • 3 x 6  metres  = 18 m²
  • 4 x 4  metres = 16 m²
The choice of material plays an equally important role. The frames of most pavilions are made of metal.  There is a difference between steel and aluminum; with aluminum being much lighter, but less stable and durable. The choice of material required for the framework should be taking into consideration before making your purchase.

Canopies are usually made of materials such as polyester or polyethylene and coated, for example, with PVC.  In general, canopies are not usually not waterproof, but only repel water. Minor showers are not a problem. Canopies cannot withstand strong rains.

Accessories for your gazebos

There is a wide selection of accessories for gazebos, ranging from side panels with or without windows to supports, bags, corner connectors, guy ropes, pegs to base feet. Lightweight garden tents and pop-up gazebos are also available commercially as a set with side panels and base feet.

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