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Hammocks are an innovative form of bed dating back centuries, used in jungles, beaches, and ships as a comfortable and safe way to relax and sleep. Take a look through our stylish and colourful collection of hammocks and hanging chairs today!
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Hammocks were invented in South and Central-America as an easy and convenient way to rest and relax in comfort, suspended safely off the ground in cosy cloth netting. From there, they became popular amongst sailors who wanted somewhere dry to sleep where they would not be trampled on by passing crewmen or buried beneath loose objects as the ship rolled. Nowadays, the garden hammock is a popular piece of garden furniture, and some people even prefer to use hammocks indoors as an alternative place to sleep. The swaying, weightless feeling of relaxing in a hammock helps you to drift off into a refreshing nap, or even a full night's sleep.
At Jago24.co.uk we offer a wide range of hanging furniture, including:
 Hammocks and stands
 Baby hammocks
 Hanging chairs and stands


Hammocks and hanging chairs are usually made of a single piece of fabric or a mesh of intertwined fabric, which responds to your body shape and lets you lie suspended in comfort. A bar or knot at either end helps them keep their shape, and can be used to attach them to a stand or to convenient nearby objects such as trees and posts, so that whether indoors or out, you can find or install a suitable place to hang your hammock. We stock sturdy and adjustable metal frames so that, if no convenient places to hang your hammock exists, you can create your own, and move your hammock with ease.
A hanging chair is similar to a hammock, but provides more structure, allowing you to curl up with a book in peace and quiet, letting the gentle motion of the chair soothe you after a long and busy day.


Jago24.co.uk offers a great selection of hanging chairs and hammocks, available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every home. Take a look through our online catalogue today to find the hammock that's right for you.