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Gardening made easy!  Various gardening tools are needed in order to get your lawns, hedges and shrubs in shape. You will find a wide range of useful devices and matching accessories in our online shop, such as hedge trimmers, garden shears and more. Browse through our wide range and turn your garden into a green paradise
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Hedge trimmer and garden shears – gardening made easy

Nature right at your doorstep: What could be more beautiful? Flowers, grasses, hedges and trees fill us with energy and vitality. During warmer weather, a beautiful garden is like a  second living room. However, gardens need appropriate care. Precision work in your garden is necessary in order to maintain a well-kept garden. They can be performed with the help of the hedge trimmer and garden shears. These gardening tools remove unwanted branches and shrubs and ensure that the edges of the lawn are well-groomed. There is a wide selection of various models available. Here are a few thing to consider before purchasing a new hedge trimmer or garden shears.

Hedge trimmers  – selective cutting with and without electricity

Hedge trimmers bring shrubs, hedges and other plants in the desired shape. Before starting the work, a suitable model has to be chosen. Is a manual hedge trimmer sufficient or should a motor-driven hedge trimmer be used?

Quiet and flexible – manual hedge trimmers

Manual hedge trimmers operates on the same principle as the household scissors. It enables smaller hedges to be trimmed, using two cutting blades that are pressed against each other.  Hedge trimmers are available in various lengths. The blade length can be up to 60 centimetres. Thus, even the most distant spots or high hedges and thicker branches can be removed. Manual hedge trimmers operate quietly and with low emissions. It is ideally suited for mobile use. A telescopic hedge trimmer can also be used to reach particularly high branches and shrubs. Specifically targeted cuts are easier to perform with a manual hedge trimmer than with an electric model. The weight of the larger hedge trimmers should not be underestimated. A model with power supply or a battery-powered hedge trimmer is the more comfortable to use when it comes to trimming large surfaces.

Advantages of a manual hedge trimmer:
  • Low-noise, can therefore be used at any time of day
  • No power supply required
  • Not dependent on battery life
  • Precise and targeted cutting possible

The electric hedge trimmer  – comfortable hedge trimming with motor power

Electric hedge trimmers have dual action blades. The cutting process is followed by the wave shaped cutouts. Branches, which are located between the blades, are cut by means of small teeth. Electric hedge trimmers are equipped with an engine power of 500 to 700 watts. This makes them ideal for cutting of high and wide hedges. Working with an electric hedge trimmer is comfortable and takes less time than with a garden shear. You can choose between mains-powered or battery-operated models. You will find a wide selection of models from Timbertech at jago24.

The following points should be considered when purchasing an electric hedge trimmer:

Tips concerning blade length and teeth spacing:
  • the wider the teeth spacing, the thicker the branches which can be cut
  • the longer the blade, the more hedge you can cut at once
  • long blades with a wider teeth spacing are particularly suitable for cuttting thick hedges
  • high and straight hedges are best cut with a long blade
  • a short blade length is not suitable for uniform work (as holes in the hedge may occur)

Tips for clean lawn edges

Clean lawn edges ensure a neat and well-groomed appearance of your landscaped areas. With the right tools and the following tricks, taking care of your lawn will be child's play.

Garden shears – for clean quick cuts

Even the lawn in your garden needs care. Whereas large surfaces can be mowed effectively with a lawn mower, smaller areas, lawn edges and corners can be better reached with garden shears. There are a variety of different models and special equipment such as manual grass shears, electric grass shears, battery-powered grass shears to special garden equipment, such as lawn trimmers, lawn edging shears or scarifiers. Using a telescopic handle you can use your garden shears comfortably, in an upright position.

Laying a lawn correctly

Planning is the nuts and bolts when it comes to laying a new lawn. Stones or steps should be avoided. These are obstacles that make places hard to reach. Adjacent garden beds should be at the same height as the area with the new lawn. This permits the edges of the lawn to be mowed easily with a lawn mower. Ensure that there are no roots and grasses which grow beyond the edge. This can be done easily by mowing over the edges of the lawn mower or trimmer.

Garden shears for precision work

Garden shears is indispensable for precision work in the garden. Regardless of whether the garden shears work manually or is powered by battery, it facilitates working on hard to reach areas.

Installing lawn edging

Paving stones separate the lawn from the garden beds, hedges or fences. The stones create a distance which makes working with the lawn mower easier, so that no account needs to be taken of obstacles or other plants while mowing. Lawn edging  made of metal
is also helpful. It can installed easily and placed at the edge of the lawn.

Regular trimming

To ensure that your lawn edges are well-groomed they should be trimmed regularly. Simply trim along the edges of the lawn with a trimmer.