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Wild animals are not only cute but they can also cause a lot of damage to your home and garden. Moles make trenches and tunnels in the ground, creating unsightly hills on beautiful lawns. Other wild animals make homes in the attic by piling all sorts of waste and garbage. Although they can look nice and charming they are actually real pests. This can be very expensive and difficult to clean. Our humane traps and rodent repellents provide protection from domestic and wild animals.  
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Humane traps & rodent repellent

Traps for capturing live animals and protection systems from domestic and small wild animals in the household

In order to keep domestic and wild animals away from the home and to avoid hurting them, humane traps or rodent repellents can be used. These traps are available in different sizes for different animals ranging from small traps for mice and rats to big traps for capturing raccoons and big animals.

To lure a small wild animal into a trap, we recommend the following recipe:
  • 3 yolks (no egg whites)
  • a few drops of anise oil (from the chemists)
  • 1 big spoon of honey
  • ½ litre of warm milk

Mix all the ingredients and pour this mixture into a plant sprayer. Then spray this solution to make a trail and lure the wild animal into the trap. Trees or posts can be sprayed a little higher, so that the wind spread the smell of your mixture.

Check live animal traps daily

It is important to control traps for capturing live animals on your property in order to release them as quickly as possible. When doing so, wild or domestic animals will not stay captured for a long time.  Special attention should be payed when a wild animal is captured. Whenever it is possible, release them into their natural environment.  

Mice traps

Mice traps with baits are another way to get rid of mice and rats. A powerful snap can be painful for people, but it kills a mouse or a rat. This is why you should consider carefully about using this kind of animal trap

Animal deterrent belt with spikes as protection from small wild animals

Animal deterrent belts with spikes not only protect you from the small wild animals and pests but also protect these animals from other animals which hunt them. Raccoons that came from North America are rapidly spreading on the European soil and they almost have no enemies in nature. They like playing with bird nests. You can make a barrier around the tree with this deterrent belt with spikes to protect nests with birds. To prevent the entry of raccoons or other small wild animals into your home, place the deterrent belt with spikes on the roof gutter, on trees near the house or some other places which these animals use for climbing. Long spikes stop them and prevent the animals enter the house. This way of protection is both cheap and humane.        

Garden mole repeller

Moles are cute little animals but they are real pests. Mole repeller will send out sonic waves that will keep these  little pests far from your garden.   Mole repeller can be powered by solar energy or a battery which can easily be replaced. Low frequency ultra sonic waves are emitted. A battery powered mole repeller is cable free (link to product). Solar mole repellers use solar energy for operation (link to product).

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