Mole Deterrent

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  • 41.5/8 cm
  • vibrates to deter moles
  • battery powered
  • easy to use
  • durable aluminium frame

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Contents Included

Humanely and effectively get rid of moles

This handy little spike is easy to employ and highly effective. By vibrating underground, it disturbs tunnelling moles and encourages them to go elsewhere, deterring them from settling in your garden or lawn. Operating by battery power and effective at up to 800m², this is the ideal choice for any property owner plagued by moles.
no use of poison, traps, etc.
  • waterproof and corrosion-resistant material
  • battery cylinder so that batteries can be replaced easily
  • effective for surfaces up to 800 m²
  • vibration at intervals of about 30 seconds
  • easy to use
Technical Information
  • dimensions (l/Ø): ca. 41.5/ 8 cm
  • material: plastic (ABS) and aluminium
  • range: ca. 800  m²
  • batteries required: 4 x 1.5V mono-cell batteries
  • frequency: intervals of 30 seconds
  • colour: green -  aluminium
Contents Included
  • 1 x mole deterrent
  • 1 x user manual (EN/DE/FR/ES)

Batteries not included
Art.No.: MWSK02