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Heavy snowfall in the UK is not quite as severe as it is in Scandinavia, Canada, or Russia, but we are still treated to protracted build-ups of snow during the cold winter months. A snow shovel or snow plough helps to keep driveways and footpaths safe and clear during the coldest months.
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The United Kingdom has a temperate climate, and so snow usually only appears over the coldest of winter months. When it does arrive, it brings a raft of difficulties along with it, despite being beautiful, enchanting, and plenty of fun.
A snow-filled driveway can be impassable for many modern European cars, which are designed for efficiency and safety on modern roads and streets. A path or doorstep covered in snow is difficult to access, and can even become dangerous as snow is impacted down by foot traffic and compresses into slippery, unstable ice.
Using a snow shovel or snow plough to clear the snow is the best way to keep your home free and accessible, and keep your property safe for residents and visitors alike. Everyone from your family to your postie will thank you for keeping your garden path clear of snow and ice!


A snow shovel is the most effective tool against snow. Like a regular spade or shovel, it is made of a tough metal scoop or blade mounted on a sturdy handle, with a comfortable grip  to allow for regular and hassle-free use.
Our snow shovel has a wide blade, designed to cut through snow with ease and scoop up large amounts at once, making your work more efficient. A durable aluminium blade makes it lightweight and easy to handle, and the long handle allows you plenty of leverage without having to hunch your back constantly, making shovelling snow a breeze.


For larger drifts of snow, or long paths, digging away with a shovel can be time-consuming. A manual snow plough, which consists of a large scoop mounted on wheels, with a long pair of upright handles for control, lets you simply push snow out of the way. Grooves in the scoop funnel snow to either side, letting you quickly and effectively clear a path from your front door to the street or your garage.


It's always best to be ready for whatever winter can throw at you, so take a look through our selection of snow shovels and snow ploughs and order online to enjoy the low prices we offer on a range of high quality products from