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Grass trimmers, known as strimmers, are one of the most useful tools for any gardener. They are used to trim grass and plants, and can reach hard-to-access areas and tricky corners with ease. Brush cutters are heavy-duty models, designed to help clear gardens with particularly thick or tough foliage. Take a look through our selection today to find the right tool for your home.
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Grass trimmers are known under a variety of different names, such as 'strimmer' and \brush cutter'. They have a similarly broad range of applications, from hacking away at difficult undergrowth to putting the perfect edge on a freshly-mown lawn. For smaller or awkwardly shaped patches of grass, a strimmer can even be used as a replacement for a traditional lawn mower. This range of functionality and capability makes a strimmer a great tool for any gardener.
We offer a great range of strimmers and brush cutters, suitable for plenty of tasks including:
 Clearing scrub and brush
 Mowing grass in difficult to reach places such as slopes
 Producing neat edges to mown lawns
 Trimming overgrown and tall foliage
Both electric models and petrol-driven models are available, with electric motors being more compact and easy to carry, whilst a heavier petrol strimmer will offer more cutting power.


The basic principle behind most forms of strimmer is the same. A fast-rotating cutting edge is used to quickly and efficiently cut grass and other materials, whether using a solid blade or nylon wires attached to the central rotary device.
As with any mechanical or automatic garden tools, safety should be a priority, and the user should always pay close attention to the safety instructions from the product manufacturer. Safety shoes and goggles should be worn, and the machine deactivated the moment any problem or blockage becomes apparent. Repairs and maintenance should only be undertaken when the machine is fully deactivated, and when all safety triggers have been activated or power sources disconnected.

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