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Outdoor lights provide orientation after sunset or in the dark winter months. They provide security, illuminating properties, gardens and houses. Browse through our wide range of models available in many colours and variations.
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Create ambiance and provide security – set beautiful accents with outdoor lamps

You love your home. It is the place where you feel comfortable, safe and happy. This feeling should also be passed on to your guests. At dusk and at night the lighting of your home gives your guests the first impression of your home. For example, when new neighbours are invited to dinner for the first time, your girlfriends come for a visit or parents pick up their kids after a birthday party. We have a wide selection of lights in our online shop ranging from romantic lamps, practical energy savers, decent globe lamps to large garden lights and wall lamps.

An outdoor lamp is particularly suitable for the following areas:
  • Garden paths and entrance
  • Terraces and balconies
  • Ponds and pools
  • Entrances and front gardens
  • Winter garden and flower beds
  • Plant containers and plant pots

Tips on how to find outdoor lighting suitable to your needs

It is important to know what requirements the lighting should fulfill. Is a path or driveway to be equipped with path lighting? Is your entrance to be enhanced with wall lights? Maybe you are looking for beautiful pedestal lamps or outdoor wall lighting?

Safety comes first

Many people have a growing need for security. Protection of the house, property and of course the family has the highest priority. We automatically feel more secure when we have a clear view of our surroundings. We feel better when we are able to see who is approaching the house. That is the reason why outdoor lights with motion sensors are so popular. The advantage is obvious: A sensor switches the light on automatically when motion is detected. Manual switching on and off is not required. Additionally, the sensor is used to deter burglars and is therefore suitable for any outdoor light.

Set the perfect scene

Outdoor spotlights create a very special ambiance. They enable specific areas of the garden to be highlighted such as a pond, pool, flower bed or terrace. Floor lights are ideal to illuminate a path or a dark driveway.  Path lighting ensures orientation when you are taking the dog for a walk or disposing of the leftovers after a family dinner. Especially where the path is uneven or has steps. Outdoor spotlights are also real eye-catchers on balconies and terraces. 

Save energy thanks to solar technology

Energy-efficient solar lamps enable you to use the natural power of the sun, with no annoying cables in the garden. Solar lights can be placed everywhere as they are dependent on a power source. They store energy from the sun during the day. Many models automatically turn on when it is dark. However they can also be switched on and off. Solar lighting can be optimally installed along the edge of a path or next to a pond. The light emitted by the solar lamp is rather subtle and not as bright as some other lamps. That is why solar lights are excellent for the garden where their bluish light integrates perfectly into the environment. They provide lighting to their surroundings and are environmentally-friendly. In addition to solar energy, energy-saving lamps also protect the  environment.  Attention should be paid to the energy efficiency classes (EEC) when purchasing accessories. LED lamps with the class A are the best choice. An LED lamp saves 90 percent energy compared to an incandescent bulb. LED lamps also have a long service life.


People who invest a lot of love and time into their garden should also present it in the best light.  A well-kept garden does not only require a green thumb. The correct choice of outdoor lighting will  enhance your property. Garden lamp posts with three lantern heads, for example, give your garden the appearance of a large park. Fantastic accents can be set when globe lamps are placed in the right places. Beautiful wall lights highlight the house and its architecture. Nostalgic garden lamps in different colours create a romantic light setting.