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Rose arches and trellises are decorative elements to form visual barriers in certain parts of your garden, highlight pathways, viewpoints in the garden or used as a pergola. Our online shop offers a wide range of different climbing supports made of different materials.
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Rose arches and trellises

Rose arches and trellises are decorative elements of a romantic garden. They are excellent as archways, welcoming your guests and can also be used form visual barriers in certain parts of your garden or can be placed to highlight pathways or viewpoints in the garden.

Growing plants on rose arches and trellises

Rose arches do not necessarily only have to be used to grow the well-known twining plant, climbing rose. A honeysuckle or clematis can also adorn this climbing plant support beautifully. Make sure when choosing plants that they are suitable for our latitude. The trellises should be planted with at least two climbing roses. The best time for this is in the early autumn, from the end of September to the beginning of October.

Tip: Enrich the soil with humus before planting to enable climbing roses and other plants to grow better and provide them with nutrients in the growing phase.

Rose arches and trellises in different variations

In addition to the classic rose arches which are often seen as decorative pergolas in gardens, there are other variants available:
  • semicircular rose arches
  • rose arches with bench
  • rose arches with gate
  • rose arches as pavilion
  • rose obelisks
  • trellises
  • plant support tower
  • trellises for facades
  • pergola
Choose a model depending on the use and available space in the garden.

Material of rose arches and trellises

In addition to the different forms, the material and the colour of the rose arch and trellis also play a  role in the selection criteria:
  • metal trellis in black or green
  • wooden trellis
  • metal rose arch in black or green
  • wooden rose arch
The different materials are important when growing plants on these supports. Rose arches and trellises of metal are much more stable than their counterparts made of wood. The denser the planting, the heavier the weight on the trellises. Therefore, consideration should be given to the sort of climbing plants you want to grow on the rose arch.

Climbing plants with different requirements

The ivy and the Virginia creeper are considered low-maintenance self-clinging climbers. They hardly require growth support. The first pruning occurs only after 5 to 10 years. In the case of hops and annuals climbing plant,  care should be take to remove withered shoots and clear weeds in autumn. In contrast,  climbing plants such as akebia, climbing hydrangea or honeysuckle require intensive care. Depending on the type of plant you want to grow it is important to choose the correct climbing support.

Size and attachment of trellises and rose arches

Height and width are also purchase criteria, depending on the intended use. A rose arch with a height of about 2 metres and a passage width of approximately 1 metre, is both high and wide enough to install as an arched gateway in the entrance of your garden. Those wanting to use a trellis as a decorative visual protection, should ensure that the width and height is sufficient. It should be firmly anchored in the ground in order to protect the plant from strong winds.

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