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Can there be anything more relaxing for either parents and children than a long and peaceful sleep? Especially when the kids are sleeping parents have time to calm down. Cribs with an ergonomic mattress help your baby sleep well. Help the sandman with his daily work and ensure that your kid has a comfortable and trustworthy sleeping environment. A relaxing sleep supports the health and the development of your baby.

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Sweet dreams for your little ones in the nicest child's beds

Restorative sleep takes learning. Parents know from their own experience that only very few babies are blessed with a regular sleep pattern. All the more important it is not to give preference to taste and design only. The new sleeping area surrounds the most precious thing you have, many hours a day. Therefore, one should place great importance on comfort for both child and parents when choosing an appropriate bed. Sleep means that the child is separated from mummy and/or daddy, which is an emotional stress for the little ones. This fact adds a special importance to nice cots with little nests, musical boxes, and baby mobiles. The baby has to feel safe and protected to fall asleep peacefully.

Mystery sleep – slip into a dreamlike world

Many specialists have investigated the phenomenon of sleep but there is still so much yet unknown. It remains undisputed however, that children need quality sleep for a good mental and physical development. A little mind has to assimilate so much more in periods of rest than in the case with adults' ones. As if spellbound, parents watch their sleeping shining star gurgling & kicking away the experience of the day with their legs and arms. This makes it all the more important that cots are comfortable and furnished complete with a quality mattress to offer a suitable sleep environment for quiet periods. Modern variations of these lovely cots have the indisputable advantage of “growing” with your child over the years. The slatted frame is adjustable and can be moved downwards with increasing activity of your little dumpling. In this way, parents can rest assured that the child cannot “break out” – even if it is awake before them.

For the dreamlike hours of the day: appealing beds for children

It is nice that the flexible cots keep in step with the growth of your children at least for a few years. As soon as your child attends school, it will however want to have a say when it comes to fittings and furnishings. That is quite convenient because it is about time for a larger and more youthful variation of the child's bed. Our smart solution would be a nice bunk bed. Parents will mainly see the advantage of saving some room, whereas the little ones will discover the opportunity of including their bed into their daydreams. With a little bit of imagination and the suitable equipment the bunk bed is quickly turned into a robbers' den, a fairy-tale castle or a pirate ship. That way, the new piece of furniture offers many ideas for new games but also a cosy safe haven. Only the favourite cuddly toys and current page-turners, like Harry Potter, have access to the new domain. One could also add a matching reading lamp and one further step towards independence is taken. Modern bunk beds develop into the personal area of your child. Here, the children can let their thoughts drift away and leave behind the hectic and exhausting hours at school. Sooner or later also the homework will be done on the first level of the bunk bed.

Mobile children – mobile travel beds

Adults know the problem: Sleeping in a bed which is not your own can be a torture. At least, the first night is rarely experienced as being comfortable. You can spare your children this experience. A flexible travel bed for children offers a small but crucial piece of home while away. A travel bed can be folded up in a few simple steps and is then so small that it can easily fit in next to your luggage. Even on camp sites your children do not have to go without a comfortable roost for sleep. For sleepovers at the grandparents' (and the first free hours for the parents) a nice and reasonable travel bed for the baby is the perfect solution, and the matching nappy changing mat is most conveniently already included. The bassinet can be pushed from one room to the other with smoothly running casters so that an appropriate and quiet spot is easily found. Furthermore, breathable safety nets at the sides make sure that the bed is aired thoroughly. If you want to play safe, complete the set with a sturdy bed guard so that your child cannot get out of the bed in case it is already able to open the zips at the sides.
Find the suitable partner for the most pleasant sleep:

Choose cots which grow with your child
Make sure to choose sturdy quality materials
Safety has priority not design
Check whether travel bed stands firmly and is easy to put up

Keep in mind that children spend a lot of time sleeping. Economising on your child's beds would definitely be penny-wise and pound-foolish. Moreover, beds for children should bear tumultuous games and should not be made of fragile material. Bars have to have a minimal distance in between so that the head of your child cannot fit through. And then nothing else stands in the way of the most beautiful dreams.