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Small children need their own furniture to feel comfortable. A kids table and a chair appropriate for children provide a great atmosphere in a child's room. After enrolment kids need a special children's desk which supports their posture and back while they are doing their homework. At you will find the perfect furniture for your children.

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Tables for children make the way into the world of the grown-ups much easier

Small children at the age of three to four explore their environment by imitating it. They scold their teddy, put their doll to bed, or bake a sand cake for the dog. The child wants to do everything the grown-ups do. They also want to have everything grown-ups have, but many things for grown-ups are not suitable for children. However one is at least able to purchase smaller versions of some of the furniture for children. With a children's table & chair the little ones feel comfortable in their very own domain. The online shop by offers a wide range of children's tables, chairs, desks, & sets for in- and outdoors.   

Create a whole new world with children's table and chair

Grown-ups and their world can be quite frightening sometimes. Small children cannot get on the chair by themselves, cannot eat from the table properly and cannot reach the most interesting things on a shelf. At least, in the children's room everything can be reached by the little ones. There should be a children's dinner table so that the children can re-enact situations from the dinner table maybe even with their friends. There are tables for children in many different colours and shapes from plain wooden ones, or colourful plastic furniture with game opportunities, or even pieces of furniture with the favourite cartoon character on them. The furniture should be very durable and made of environmentally friendly material. A table for children should, for example, stand firmly on every surface. Are the legs properly attached to the table top and cannot be removed even by shaking the table? Does the lacquer stay on even if you scratch it? Make sure that there are no sharp edges and corners, so that the children do not get injured when they bump into the furniture while playing. On you will also find jolly bench & table sets for outside. Two firmly connected benches with a table in the middle invite your children to play and eat. If there is a lot of sunshine, a sunshade can be attached to the middle of the table of some models. The bench & table set offers room for up to four children and is colourful. Such bench sets are available in plastic and wood.       

The appropriate desk whets your child's appetite for studying

As soon as your child attends school, the table becomes too small and a proper desk is a must. Even primary school pupils spend a large part of their day sitting at school, doing their homework, etc. Many of them play computer games, read, and watch TV as a hobby – activities where they carry out sitting again. All in all they possibly spend about ten hours a day in a sitting position. Take into consideration that they also need ten hours of sleep per night. You see that there is not much time left to exercise. Exercising is, however, very important for children in that age in order to strengthen the not yet fully grown body, train the muscles, and prevent back pain. If there is not enough time for this, at least the furniture at school and at home should be adapted to your child's needs. Parents have virtually no influence on the choice of furniture in schools. However, they can interfere appropriately when it comes to the child's room. Two things are important to bear in mind if you want to provide your child with a good desk: It should be adjustable in height and have a tilting tabletop. It is essential that the desk is adjustable in height so that it can be adapted to your child's height when it grows older. It is very bad for a large child's posture when it always has to bend down when writing. It is just as uncomfortable for a small child to crane its neck up to the table. Moreover, a tilting prevents the children from bending their necks and torsos too much. A raised tabletop ensures that your child is in an upright position and prevents back pain. There are many other products which make it easier and more comfortable for children to perform their tasks. Children want their desks to be handy and nice, just as adults do. Many products make it easier for them to do their homework and make sure that everything is packed away properly.  

These include:
  • A roller container to put things in order
  • A colourful desk lamp for enough light                
  • A comfortable desk chair
  • A top section for the desk for a larger surface
  • A desk pad for notes
  • A mat to protect the carpeted-floor

There are many possibilities of how to furnishing a children's room. With our great products on it is easy for parents to choose tables and desks for children which please them and their children.