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To easy the daily life of children they need a lot of things especially furniture in a child-oriented size. In order for children to eat at the same table with their parents there has to be a special chair which is higher than normal chairs. But not only should a child's chair look good, it also has to be safe and solid. Great high chairs preserve from danger and grow with the children.

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A qualitative high chair accompanies children from babyhood up to infancy

Babies become independent very quickly, gain experience, and assimilate new stimuli. Already in the first months babies highly enjoy it to participate in family dinners, provided they are able to sit independently. Conventional chairs are not suitable for this purpose. A specific chair for children, customised to the height and individual needs of the child, is a secure and valuable way of timely including your offspring into everyday life of the family. The most important thing is that a high chair is secure because you do not always have a watchful eye on your child, which inherently feels a strong need for movement. The most dangerous risks for you child would be that the chair falls over and that the child slips out, which can be avoided by purchasing a quality high chair. In the first few months it is particularly important that the chair supports the back of your child because the back muscles have not completely developed yet. The chair is therefore equipped with a support mechanism, which can easily be removed as soon as the child  no longer needs it. The individually adjustable legs of the chair, which can be removed, also offer a maximum amount of flexibility.

High chairs: combination of seating accommodation and table expand their function

The traditional high chair is usually a combination of table and chair. Babies at the age of five months can use the high chair, place biscuits & bread rolls on the tray. Soon a children's plate can be used so that the little one can actively participate in the meal. The tray table on the chair, covered with an easy-care plastic coating, raised to the side in most cases so that your baby can be placed in the chair without difficulty. A safety strap made of robust material is passed through the legs of your child and fastened so that the child cannot slip out of the chair. However, a high chair is not only helpful during meals. It may become your child's favourite place very quickly because it can take part in family life from up there. Children explore their environment visually first and because of this parents have to see to it that they provide furniture geared to the needs and especially the size of their children. High chairs are remarkable for the combination of safety and comfort. The softly padded seat and backrest support first attempts to sit upright. The coverings are made of sturdy & easy-care plastic and are softly padded underneath. Rounded edges often covered with soft plastic increase comfort and protect from bumps. After all, your child does not only want to eat in the high chair but it also wants to pursue its own interests. There is enough space for smaller toys and first colouring books so that you can use the chair for multiple purposes. Quality models have been tested by an accredited laboratory (Technical Inspection Agency/TÜV) and have obtained a quality mark (GS 'geprüfte Sicherheit') 'safety checked'. Furthermore, responsible parents should make sure that the material does not contain harmful substances.

High chairs – most important piece of furniture in the first years of your baby's life

If you are looking for a well-designed and secure high chair, the products in our online shop, which are also enticing in design, are the perfect choice for you. High chairs are very useful for children and parents as soon as the child can sit up on its own. We stock high chairs which are not only comfortable but also safe thanks to a five-point harness system, which protects your child from slipping out, and their stable design. The chairs are adjustable in height and the angle of the seat can also be changed so that your child will feel comfortable in every position. Our models “grow up” with your child and become the most important companion during the first years of your baby's life. The handy seat reduction is suitable for babies from six months on and can be removed any time. Our high chair, which stands out due to its quality, is suited to children up to the age of five. Apart from the standard tray, we also deliver a larger tray, which can be attached to expand the usable surface. Under the seat there is a large basket for toys and other things; the arm rests can be folded up. According to EU safety regulations, the high chair is equipped with two stoppers and casters provided with brakes. Our model is foldable and easily storable. A qualitative high chair has a maximum weight of up to 40 kg. The side panels made of solid wood increase stability. However, high chairs should be convincing in both safety standards and design. Here there is nothing left to be desired: Whether colourfully painted or natural wood frames or colourfully printed seat coverings, the high chair is obtainable in all sorts of designs. Parents should make sure that the high chair is equipped with the following:  
  • Side panels made of solid wood
  • Integrated safety belt and bar
  • Adjustable base and back rest
  • Flexibility due to seat reduction
  • Easy-care coverings
  • Material containing a low level of harmful substances
  • Quality mark and seal of certification