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There is always a great deal to consider when choosing baby care equipment for the newborn ranging from baby bottles, rompers to the baby's room.
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  • KBDK01-S Baby Mat

      Length 3 ft / 90 cm
      Width 3 ft / 90 cm
      Height 1.8 ft / 53 cm
    28,95 €*
  • Baby Mat with sound effects

      L/W/H: ca. 99/76/53 cm
      Laying area: ca. 99/76 cm
      Washable at 30 °
    28,95 €*
  • KBDK03-L Baby Mat

      Length 4 ft / 122 cm
      Width 3 ft / 90 cm
      Height 1.8 ft / 53 cm
    28,95 €*
  • Baby mat

      l/w/h: ca. ca. 115/115/53 cm
      l/w: ca. 115/115 cm
      washable up to 30°C
    31,95 €*
4 products per page
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