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Children love to paint, draw, and create, and our magnetic chalkboards let them scribble and sketch to their hearts' content. Encourage your child's artistic potential with one of our fantastic range of playtime chalkboards today!
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Chalkboards – create, discover, and play

A chalkboard allows children to show us their lively world through bright colours. Jago24 knows about the joy of painting and therefore offers blackboards in order to provide kids limitless joy. The chalkboard can be wall-mounted, something that allows the youngsters to use it at any time. For the little artists who would like to always show their artwork to their loved ones, a wheeled chalkboard would be a perfect choice. Such a painting table extends the children's creativity and improves their skills in a playful manner.

Supporting the child's development with chalkboards

Painting is a playful and at the same time, development-promoting activity. The hand and pen coordination is constantly being tested & refined. Initial scribblings can turn into complete paintings and impressive drawings. This activity also supports the cognitive development. Shapes, colours, structures and combinations can be tested & differed from one another. Painting fosters creativity and enables the child to bring its own world into being. The drawing on the board can easily be erased with a sponge so that new masterpieces can start from an empty slate. The child will get maximum pleasure from the blackboard as the first lines are being drawn on it. Later, the youngster can use the board for various role-plays with friends. As teenagers they can use the chalkboard to pin on letters, documents, pictures, and etc. Each Jago24 chalkboard includes twelve colourful magnets which are for free. The blackboard as well as the chalkboard are purchases from which your child will benefit for a long time.

Painting boards – design, material and general details

The chalkboard is available in the following sizes:

60 x 45 cm
80 x 60 cm
110 x 80 cm

The frame is made of aluminium and has plastic corners which prevent the child from injuries. The surface is grey-green and coated with magnetic steel. The magnets in the colours green, yellow, pink, blue and orange can perfectly adhere to the chalkboard due to its coating. The chalk can be put on a wide tray. The blackboard is robust and durable which guarantees your child long-lasting joy. This chalkboard fosters the kid's creative and playful side. Besides fun and passion for discovery, the chalkboard as well supports the child's cognitive and motoric skills. Development, playing, fun, and creativity are being united by a single toy, namely the chalkboard.