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With a child's swing kids can have a lot of fun. They can either swing alone or in a group of more kids. Child's swings are a great way for children to get a feeling for their body playfully. Depending on the age parents can choose between different models which can be either placed in the living room or the garden. Skilful do-it-yourselfers can save a lot of money by constructing it on their own and still have a safe and funny place to play for the kids.

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Children´s swings – always the right model for children of all ages

Children´s swings are real classics among toys. Someone who has a nice wooden swing in his garden shows to every visitor: This environment is appropriate for children. Fun and games are explicitly permitted. Children´s minds are positively influenced by swinging. Even babies can be calmed down by the movement of the swing. It is said that the rhythmical back and forth movement reminds particularly infants of the well-protected sphere in the womb. It is not a coincidence that many young parents put handy spring cots in children´s room and bedroom. As soon as the baby grows a bit older, you can use a specific swing or baby rocker. Such baby swings can be moved by your little ones themselves. This experience is pedagogically valuable because infants hereby learn to coordinate their movements. And children beyond infancy will also have much fun with a swing. Most of the models not particularly designed for babies, are suitable for children aged 3. This is the appropriate age since children then have enough perception of their own body to sit safely on the swing. In the beginning, they are being pushed by their parents most of the time. This is already great fun for most of them and strengthens the relationship between adults and children. And, of course, swinging itself is great fun. The movement, which gets broader and broader, gives your little ones the feeling of flying. They can feel the headwind on their cheeks and are happy. Later they will not need their parents, grandparents or godparents anymore; they will be able to swing higher and higher by themselves. Coordinated rhythmic movements of torso and legs make this possible. Using the swings on a playground is, of course, a nice thing. But having an own swing in the house or garden will delight your children even more. As there is a wide range of different models, you will find many of those in our online shop Jago24.

The children´s swing for in- and outdoors

The wooden children´s swing is a real classic. Whoever used to have such a toy in the garden back then, knows how many nice memories are associated with. With the appropriate sturdy type of wood the swing will survive any kind of weather condition over years. If you install the swing in the garden, we recommend that you put its feet into concrete. This ensures a secure stand even with wild movements. Therefore, parents can let their children play on the swing without worrying. The frame of several products is not made out of wood. Other providers also offer swings out of metal or plastic in their range. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood seems particularly natural and can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding garden. Frames made out of metal are very sturdy most of the time, and can carry heavy weight. Swings made out of plastic are easy to clean and can be transported if necessary. Get information about the different models and choose the one most suitable for you and your family. If you cannot put up the frame for the swing in the garden, there are other possibilities to give your children pleasure swinging. There are suitable models for inside as well. These usually consist of a seatand two ropes which can be attached to the ceiling with appropriate safety hooks. From then on, nothing stands in the way of enjoying the swinging experience. Especially for younger children an indoor-swing is a nice activity. But before installing the swing, you should take the exact measurements of the swing´s diameter of movement. Various seats for children´s swing No matter whether you want to put in the frame of the swing in- or outdoors – you may choose from several seats:
  • Simple Seat
  • Seat with arm and back rest as well as safety bar
  • Basket swing
  • Double Seat
  • Hammock swing
  • Especially the smaller ones need a bit more safety and support on the swing. A seat equipped with arm and backrest is perfectly suited to this purpose. A safety bar in front of the belly will do the rest. This bar can be removed as soon as your children are old enough to hold onto the swing for themselves. A nice variation is the basket swing – a padded ring with a net within offers a large surface. One or several children can sit or even lie in the swing and try out different swinging feelings. And on a basket swing there is also room for mummy. Explore swings in several variations in our online shop and order the most suitable model for your children today!

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