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Rocking Horses have been in children's rooms for centuries and kids of all generations had a lot of fun rocking on them. In addition to that rocking horses support the development of motor abilities which is very important for the kids. At online shop you find a lot of different variations: Wooden rocking horses or plush ones as well as rocking horses with or without wheels. We have the right rocking horse for every child.

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The rocking horse: timeless comrade in every children´s room

No matter whether at the playground or at home – every child likes rocking horses. The miniature horses are on two runners and can be rocked more or less strongly, depending on the arch. The rocking horse can be rocked by shifting the weight: If the child leans forward, the horse does so too. If the child moves backwards, the horse rocks back as well. Even the littlest ones understand this connection and enjoy the performing. In this way, first motoric abilities are being trained and upright posture is practised. If the child rocks unevenly or into the wrong direction, the horse stops moving or stutters. Only a constant forward and backward movement gives the child the feeling of sitting on a real horse, and of galloping through woods and meadows. This is also stimulating their imagination. Choose from a range of several models in our online shop Also the small red rocking horses that are attached to mostly blue springs which can be found on playgrounds, are very appealing to children. They are much more flexible than the traditional ones made out of wood or plush because the spring makes it possible for the horse to move into every direction. This construction, however, entails an unpleasant side effect. If the child rocks the horse too heavily, the strong tension of the spring increases the wild movement into the opposite direction. The child might be unseated. Models for indoors are less dangerous.

Rocking horse of the ancient world

Already in ancient Greece the miniature horses were appreciated. At that time, wheels were fitted to the horses so that the children could pull them along. In the 17th century, a few fans of the wheel-horse in the USA came together leaping at the idea of establishing the rocking horse in the children´d rooms again, and finally put this idea into practice. From there, the rocking horse came to England and then to Germany where it has been making children happy since the 19th century. The rocking horses used to be made out of a metal frame which was filled with papier-mâché and then lined. However, this sensitive variation was not a good solution since it broke when the children were romping on too much. Therefore, people went over to making rocking horses out of wood. Today, there are rocking horses in various shapes made out of several materials:
  • Made out of wood
  • Made out of plush
  • On castors
  • With saddle to learn how to ride
  • Conversion into sliding vehicle
  • With noise
  • Choose from several models of rocking horses in our online shop You will most certainly find the perfect one for your child. For very young children we recommend rocking horses made out of plush. There are rocking horses in almost every shape: sheep, bee, rhino or zebra. Children can play with the soft toys without injuring themselves and hold onto handles attached to the animal´s head. Many models have a button in the ear which makes the animal neigh, bleat or hum when being touched. Most of these variations for younger children can be converted into a sliding vehicle. They are equipped with castors which can be attached to the runners. This way, the rocking horse can be adapted to your child´s needs and progresses: Younger children can simply sit on the rocking horse and practice first shifts of weight. If the child needs more movement, you can attach the castors and the rocking horse will become a loyal companion during travelling in the living room, kitchen and hallway. Rocking horses made out of wood are the most environmentally friendly playing horses and also the ones most similar to the original form. There are also wooden rocking horses which can be adapted to your children´s needs. Rocking horses for very young children are equipped with a ring which avoids that children slip from the seat. The wooden horse also has castors which can be used if desired. The processing of the wood ranges from untreated raw material up to colourfully painted models. The cloths are environmentally friendly and according to highest safety standards. When buying a rocking horse, make sure that safety is ensured above all. The horse has to suit your child. If the child is quite large for his age, you should rather not take a soft plush horse. The animal could tilt and due to the fact that the child does not yet have all motoric abilities, there is risk of injury. Very small children should not play with the rocket horses either. They are too small to reach the handles and cannot hold fast enough onto them. Their legs are still too short and the child will not find enough grip on the back of the horse. Follow these safety guidelines and there will be no limits to the fun you can experience with this product. Have a snoop at and find the right rocking horse for your offspring. Then you can go for a ride.