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In the last years the scooter is celebrating a real comeback. And when you look around, not only kids love them but most adults do as well. Scooters can be seen as preparatory training for riding a bike because kids already learn how to balance which is necessary for biking later. According to the fact that scooters aren't that high, they are not very dangerous for learning to hold the balance because accidents are very rarely to happen. Find scooters in different sizes at online shop.

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Safely out & about on two wheels – scooters for children

Scooters for children are usually equipped with the following items:

Handlebars adjustable in height
Step close to the ground
Front and back tyres

In our offers, you will find mini folding scooters as well as larger kick scooters. The folding scooters have hard tyres, like in-line skates. Larger kick scooters, however, usually have pneumatic balloon tyres. They are more comfortable to drive because they can navigate uneven surfaces better. Children's scooters are produced out of several materials. For first riders, such as small children, mainly wooden scooters with rubber wheels are used. Wooden scooters however, cannot be adjusted. Other materials of modern single-track vehicles are made of aluminium, steel, and carbon. These first scooters are especially suitable for children due to their varied choice of colours. There are scooters with specific colours or patterns of popular toys or comic figures. These scooters can be driven by muscular strength only. One leg is located on the step while the little scooter rider pushes off with the other one on the ground. The more skilled the children are, the longer distances they can roll freely without losing their balance. A brake at the back tyre, which is easy to reach, ensures safety. Nevertheless, your child should always wear a suitable helmet and pads for elbows & knees when using the scooter. A fall can never be ruled out even if the child is a careful driver. But due to the fact that kick scooters are not very fast and the child moves close to the ground, serious injuries are very rare. Before you let your children outside alone with the scooter they should however, know the most important traffic regulations and already move confidently on foot in the road traffic.

Riding a scooter – a welcome sporting change

In the meantime, there is a whole range of sports clubs which offer scooter riding as a discipline. Learning tricks is a real challenge for children. For challenging tricks which are actually meant for BMX bikes, you will need a special scooter. Folding scooters, which are also called freestyle scooters, are the right choice for these kind of adventures. Folding scooters can reach up to 30 km/h (18.6 mph) and are therefore only suited to older and more experienced scooter drivers. In the meantime, there are even European and World Championships in scooter riding, including circuit races, marathons, and relays. In Germany it is also possible to participate in a few big events with sports scooters. In general, scooter riders can always take part when in-line skates are also authorised, as in the Cologne Marathon or the Damp Marathon, for instance. When talking about your child's need for movement it is particularly important to know that riding a scooter strengthens your physical fitness. Amongst the various disciplines it is categorised between running and cycling. The advantage of using a scooter as a piece of sports equipment is that even younger children can achieve remarkable success. And due to the fact that there are also suitable scooters for adults you can make it a discipline for the whole family where everybody, regardless of whether young or old, tall or small, has the same opportunities.

Special models with integrated driving pleasure

Usually children's scooters only have two wheels. However, there are a few exceptions. Wooden scooters and first-pedal scooters for children are actually equipped with two back tyres to ensure that the child stands securely, and is able handle the scooter safely. Those scooters are a good alternative until the sense of balance is appropriately trained. You will find such models for the first riding experience in our online shop on Also the so-called Twist & Roll Scooters are named appropriately for the fun that can be had. They are equipped with three solid rubber wheels of which two are located below the handlebars. The Twist & Roll Scooters are printed in various colours. The scooters are steered only by shifting the weight, like in skateboarding. Therefore, the step is larger. The limit is at a weight of 50 kg. Please follow the safety guidelines. This kind of scooter is only authorised for domestic use and should not be driven in road traffic. Furthermore, safe protective clothing, including helmet and joint protectors, are absolutely necessary because the risk of falling is considerably higher. Nevertheless, especially older and more experienced scooter riders will be delighted about those special models, which can primarily be used in areas designed for in-line skates. Get more information about the various kinds of scooters on In our product portfolio you will also find all the necessary supplementary equipment. All orders received by 6 pm. and paid in time will be sent away the very next day.