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Toy kitchens are great educational toys for children. Kids can imitate their parents and recreate daily routines in a playful way. At you find the perfect toy kitchens which combines toys with education. Kids can cook, bake and wash the dishes in a playing environment as authentic as possible.

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TOY kitchen: a perfect combination of toy a learning material

Playing is a child´s basic need, which should be supported by responsible parents with suitable toys in every stage of their children´s lives. Already at an early stage, children start imitating adults' daily activities, and seem to really enjoy doing so. Buying a toy kitchen is a perfect opportunity to lead your children´s thirst for action in the right channels, namely instructive experience. Toy kitchens are not suited to girls only. In the meantime, the role model has definitely been changing in modern families. Therefore boys can nowadays play with dolls and work at the stove in a play kitchen as well. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to, so that you can be carefree and without worries while your children play with the kitchen. These are amongst others:
  • Play kitchens have to be stable and sturdy
  • No sharp edges
  • All cupboards should be easy to open and close
  • No loose small parts in kitchens for very young children
  • Play kitchens should be as true to life as possible and should be equipped with the usual devices like stove, oven, sink and fridge.

Material of the TOY kitchen

The choice of whether to choose a wooden kids kitchen or one made out of plastic, is a matter of taste. In principle, you can be sure that the surfaces of our kids kitchens both wooden and plastic, are pollution-free and most certainly non-poisonously treated. Therefore, your children can play safely. also supports spontaneous people. Offers reaching us until 6 p.m. are sent out the next day. Within Germany delivery is free and we offer secure payment forms for your online order. If the play kitchen contains wood and several individual parts, an understandable instruction manual guarantees that the fun can start immediately.

The right equipment is important

The equipment of the play kitchen is extremely important when it comes to lasting pleasure. Not only pots and crockery but also cutlery and carving sets are necessary. Only in this way is it possible for your child to copy the activities which take place in a real kitchen. Plastic crockery is definitely cheaper than children´s crockery made of porcelain. We do not want tears on the first day because one of the plates is smashed to pieces. You can also make the play kitchen more interesting for your kids by getting matching accessory. There are plastic reproductions of fruit and vegetables, miniature Cornflakes boxes and similar things as you also use them for child´s toys shops. Such details will increase the fun factor. Watch your child closely when playing and you will see that a child´s imagination can virtually include every object into everyday situations. Support this creativity and give your child the opportunity to get real enjoyment out of doing things which are part of their daily life. Maybe this will even take the fright out of the housework for the future. Children have a natural desire to help adults. Cook in the miniature kitchen together with your children so that they feel that they are being taken seriously and your children will have fun with this high-quality toy for a long time. Add fun to everyday life with a toy kitchen. It needs only little space but offers even more fun. It can  be put up in small children´s rooms as well as in a corner of the real kitchen at home. Explain your children how to handle electrical appliances in the kitchen. Children have to learn how to switch on the stove before they can cook, and at the same time they have to learn that the hotplate can get very hot then. Well-directed games can make even young children aware of the dangers lurking in a kitchen. You can also train the subconscious of the little chefs with a play kitchen. Explain why the door of the fridge should always be closed. Point out that perishable groceries can be preserved longer when stored in a cool place. Your child will internalise all these things during the game and keep them in mind. Make sure to teach your child sense of order and cleanliness. Point out that a kitchen has to be tidied up and cleaned after the cooking. Children enjoy washing up their own dishes and orderly clearing them away if they get a suitable instruction. By this way, you can playfully bring daily jobs home to your children who will go up to it with fun and enthusiasm. Those daily jobs will become natural habits later on in their daily lives. In our shop you will find several sizes with different equipment. Click your way through the shop and choose the model which matches the age as well as the stage of development of your child. Select from different materials and clour combinations. Already infants can explore their opportunities with the compact children´s furniture by Help your child to explore the world.