Rear-Facing Car Seat Mirror
19,95 €*

Rear-Facing Car Seat Mirror

  Keep an eye on your baby
  28 x 15cm mirror
  Straps onto headrest

Children's bicycle helmet in 4 designs Pi...

  l/w/h: ca. 24.5/21/14 cm
  adjustable, comfortable
  head circumference: 52-56 cm
Children's bicycle helmet in 4 designs  Pirates Design
16,95 €*

Transportation  | Brands:  infantastic® physionics® jago

The most important thing for parents is the well-being of their kids. Therefore it is crucial to have proper equipment to transport children safely. Parents should think about the right buggy and car seat. Child bicycle trailers are also very helpful when you want to go on a long bike tour with your kids. At you find a large choice of different articles to transport your child safely.

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Reach your destination safely and reliably with pushchair and co.

Suitable equipment is indispensable for child-friendly transport. Depending on the age group, extremely different demands are placed on certain products. Safety and comfort for our offspring always comes first. Our range includes products from pushchairs to child safety seats. Choose from the varied models our shop has available.

For the smallest: prams and accessories

Almost all parents purchase a pram for their offspring. The little ones can be transported safe and sound over shorter distances, e.g. when you go for a walk. Amongst others, there are various models in different designs which can be used directly after birth. Those handy prams offer conditions perfectly suitable for babies which will allow comfort and cosiness to your little loved ones. Prams usually have four wheels – some only have three – with which they can be pushed over various terrains without much trouble. In most cases the handle is freely adjustable so that parents with different statures can both push the pram comfortably. Most of the models are equipped with a roof to protect your baby from wind and weather. The roof can in some cases also be retracted for when the weather is nice. Furthermore, most pushchairs have a storage area in the form of a net or frame underneath the seat. Here one is able to store items, like nappies and toys. Moreover, prams can be folded up with little effort nowadays in order to transport them in the car. For older children there are vehicles like buggies or sport pushchairs. They are perfectly suited for taking your children on outdoor trips with you. The child can sit in an upright position and can therefore take in the environment around. Thanks to a reliable safety belt, your children are always safe. Handles on buggies and sport pushchairs are usually also adjustable and provide the perfect height. Moreover, many models are equipped with handy nets or luggage racks. Furthermore, most of the buggies can easily be folded up and loaded in the car. Thus, the reliable facilities are always at hand. Of course, standard pushchairs, buggies, and even sport pushchairs are available in various special models. Parents can, for example, go running or jogging with specific models. There are also great solutions for twins, multiples, and siblings with little age difference. For instance, we offer a number of sturdy and practical models in which the little ones can sit side by side or one behind the other – as desired. Complete the handy pushchairs for your offspring in the best possible way with matching equipment. In special shops you can purchase covers made out of quality synthetic material for pushchairs, for example. You can use it to cover the pushchair if the weather is bad and thus protect your children effectively from the damp. When it is freezing outside, parents can wrap up their children in a warm winter footmuff. This way, you and your children can even go for a walk and take in some fresh air when it is cold outside. Foot muffs are often made out of water-repellent polyester, which effectively protects from damp and drafts. Moreover, they are well lined for a snugly warmth.

Car seats for children

Safe transport of children in road traffic is ensured by carefully developed car seats. There are specific car seats for your babies, as well as for infants. Quality products often consist of a plastic shell seat in which the little one sits safely and comfortably, thanks to the appropriate seat padding. A belt system particularly designed for the child's needs, ensures a tight but comfortable hold. Shell seats and booster seats can usually be fastened with use of the seatbelt of the car without any troubles. This makes it possible for the parent to make sure that their children's seats are properly fastened and thus safe.

The most important safety guidelines for seats for babies and infants:

Effective protection due to reinforced shell seat
Especially upholstered to make sure that your baby is secured and comfortable
Adjustable belt so that it fits perfectly
Seat able to be firmly secured with seatbelt of the car

For the older little ones we offer a different set of child car seats among which are booster seats. Suitable for children of approx. 3 to 12 years of age. Plastic booster seats make sure that the children are in an optimum upright position ensuring that the seat belt can be fasten properly. In addition, some of the seats also have arm and head rests. Jago's product range offers many solutions for a safe and child-friendly transport. Mosey through our wide range of goods and order the matching equipment, for a safe and comfortable transport of the child, in our online shop.