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For those who like to bike a lot, child bike trailers will be an important part of their transportation equipment to carry their children around safely. In contrast to bicycle seats they have many advantages and you can use them in different ways. online shop offers a great choice of different child bike trailers in various colours.

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CHILD BIKE trailers: a flexible and environmentally friendly means of transport for children

Cycling is healthy, environmentally friendly, and kind to your wallet. Taking your child with on the trips outdoors or on bike trips is one of the privileges of being a parent. Showing your child the world outside is usually not a problem on a bike. There are children's seats and bike trailers in which you can easily bring your child from A to B. Even though a child's seat is much more space-saving, trailers are more popular in practice. The online shop offers a wide range of bike trailers. Some models can even be converted into joggers.

Advantages and disadvantages of child bike trailers

The advantages of child bike trailers are vast. A small passenger cabin offers room for one or two children and a cover protects them from all weathers. The trailer is attached to the bike with a coupling and does not have to be balanced. When you park a bike with a children's seat attached, the weight causes the bike to fall over. Therefore, the child must be taken out of the seat before parking the bike. Then with also a handbag or shopping bag on the handlebars, one could easily need a third arm. A bike attached to a trailer does not fall over. Many child bike trailers are equipped with a safety swivel coupling so that the trailer stands firmly even if the bike falls over. Bike trailers are also suitable for longer trips because they offer your children enough room to move. There is enough space for toys, stuffed animals and even picture books. The child can play, view the surroundings or even take a nap. The bottoms of the trailers are well-padded and shock absorbing so that the child feels completely contented. A rain cover and a fly screen protect the child from all weather and insects. A safety belt prevents your child from standing up during the journey and from getting off the trailer when you have to stop at a red light, for example. This is a way, you can also enjoy longer trips. Also children who are not yet able to sit independently can travel in a trailer – this is where it scores points over the children's seat. Furthermore, you can also transport jackets, shopping or some food for the journey. Moreover, a trailer is more stable than a bike with a children's seat on it. And with two children, a bicycle seat it not an option anyway. If you attach two children's seats to your bike, the bike will be difficult to handle and the cyclist will be off kilter far too quickly. However, trailers also have disadvantages. They are attached at the back of the bike and therefore you are not as manoeuvrable and have to be more alert to potential dangers before turning. As it is the case with cars, bikes with trailers also have a longer braking distance. If you cycle on a bike lane, it might get a bit cramped with much oncoming traffic. Especially when you have a trailer for two children, the bike lane gets crowded quickly. And then there is the weight. A trailer weighs about 33 lbs plus 22 to 33 lbs child`s weight – that is an enormous weight to carry even on flat roads. If the road is uphill or if there are two children in the trailer, one should be quite sporty to handle the weight.

Safety first when it comes to child bike trailers

Child bike trailers used to be attached to the bike with a trailer coupling which were similar to usual car trailer couplings. High draw bars were installed at the saddle for this. These couplings were, however, liable to break off. They transferred rolling movements to the trailer and made it sway. When the bike fell over, often the trailer did so as well. Nowadays, trailers are often attached to the hub of the back tyre with a coupling in order to travel more smoothly and evenly. As a result the child is not shaken about. A safety swivel coupling makes parking easier. Due to the coupling, the connection between bike and trailer remains flexible and balances the oblique angle which emerges when the bike falls over. In order to ensure the maximum amount of safety the trailer should be equipped with a circular bumper and a roll-over bar. Models with these features had good results in the ADAC test. Once again, an overview of all the features a child bike trailer should have:

Rain cover and fly screen
Safety swivel coupling
Safety belt
Roll-over bar offers a wide range of child bike trailers in many different colours. The trailers are easy to fold and can be transported in the car. One particular model can be converted into a jogger by attaching a handle and an additional wheel. Doing sports and shopping this way, are great fun and your child is always part of it.