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The right car seat for your child is crucial to transport it safely from A to B with your car. The seats have to meet special safety requirements to ensure that the kids are transported as safe as possible. Because car seats also need to have the perfect fitting size for your kid, you can find seats that are growing with your child at online shop. You can safe a lot of money because you don't have to by a new cars seat every now and then.

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The suitable child safety seat for every age group on

When you are on the road in the car with your child, it is natural that you do everything necessary for its safety. Already for babies, there are suitable safety mechanisms and seats in order to protect the little ones as well as possible when braking suddenly or in an accident. But not only the appropriate booster seat and proper fastening of the belt are important when talking about safety. It is also important to put the child safety seat on the most sensible car seat. According to a study of a large German automotive club, the middle seat on the rear seat bench is the safest seat in a car. If this middle seat is, however, only equipped with a hip belt, child safety seats can usually not be fastened securely. In principle, child safety seat always have to be adjusted to the age and the weight of the child. Child safety seats are subdivided into separate classes for this. Our wide range of child safety seats offer suitable models for each class.

The classification is as follows:
Children up to 10 kg are assigned to class 0. Seats can be installed diagonally or facing backwards. The class 0 allows usage for a child weighing up to 13 kg to be installed facing backwards. Furthermore, child safety seats of classes 0 to minus 1 are suitable for children from birth up to a maximum weight of 18 kg. If your child weighs more than 9 kg, you can install the seat facing the front.
If your child weighs from 9 to 18 kg, choose a seat from class I. Class II is the safest choice for children weighing between 15 and 25kg and children with a weight of up to 36 kg are assigned to classes II and III.

Please note that the indications of weight are maximum values. Purchase new child safety seats suited to your child's physical development in time. On you will find models of all classes checked according to EU standard ECE 44/03. Furthermore, children smaller than 150 cm and younger than 12 years of age have to be secured with a child safety seat at any rate according to the German road traffic regulations. It is important to raise the position of the child so that the safety belt can be put over the shoulder and does not touch the neck. However, the legal regulations regarding age and height cannot be generalized. There are children who are already older than 12 years but still smaller than 150 cm and, on the other hand, it is not unusual that children younger than 12 are taller. Although it is not clearly stipulated in this case, it is recommendable to use an appropriate child safety seat or booster seat to keep the risk of injury during a car journey as low as possible.

Child safety seats with accessories for a stress-free car journey with children

Children become impatient quickly especially on long journeys. Their natural urge to move is considerably limited by the tight safety belt in an appropriate child safety seat. Now it is your turn to find something for your children to do and keep them safe at the same time. At first, bear your child's basic needs in mind. Many child safety seats are equipped with cup holders so that your child has its favourite drink always ready to hand. For small children we recommend a padded table so that the child can conveniently leaf through a picture book or do some drawing. Provide the back seat with a handy functional bag. Here you can store toys, colouring books, crayons, and one or two snacks so that your child will be able to reach them. Furthermore, the bag helps prevents that the child's shoes make the back of the front seat dirty. But even though your child is safe and sound in the rear area of the car, you should not disregard regular breaks, which are essential. Give your child the opportunity of getting some fresh air before you drive any further. The result will be a calmed and easy-going child as a grateful fellow passenger.

There are often different regulations abroad

Depending on your destination, legal regulations for the transport of children can differ from the EU norms in other countries. Make enquiries about these regulations early enough and make sure that your child safety seat meets the requirements. In principle, you can assume that the German regulations are sufficient for other European holiday destinations. Therefore, you will only find child safety seats on which have been checked according to strict quality standards.