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Modern buggies and prams need to meet high expectations of today's parents because many things like safety issues, style, individuality and of course price matter a lot. The buggy choice also depends on the age of the child or baby because kids of different ages need different prams to meet their demands. To safe money it is possible to buy combined models which can be used for babies and the time after that.

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Pushchairs: a combination of safety criteria and design

Proud parents want to take their children with them everywhere they go, as soon as possible after birth. This also includes extensive walks on paths which are not asphalted, making the demands on stability and comfort even higher. Babies should be able to sleep when they are on the road. Therefore, the most popular variation is our combination pushchair, which offers your child high comfort from the beginning on. This variation combines comfort with stability & security, additionally it is suitable for children up to three years of age. The firmly secured carry bag with a child-friendly mattress can be removed from the frame with only a few simple hand movements. This makes it possible to carry the sleeping child without disturbing it. Quality models equipped with a fourfold suspension and pneumatic tyres including rims, ensure a smoother driving enjoyment even on rough terrain. Our product range offers reasonable pushchairs which provide a combination of several functions and are remarkable for their long durability. The tilting push handle is adjustable in height and equipped with ergonomically formed soft grips, and lockable brakes increase safety. If you would like to purchase a reasonable pushchair, such a model with multiple functions is the perfect solution for the very first years of your child's life. Even when the baby grows older the combination pushchair is a handy companion for your daily lives. The carry bag can be removed and the infant can take the place of it. The adjustable foot and back rest increase the sitting comfort. The tilting push handle makes it possible to change the direction of travel so that the child can face the front and discover the environment. Furthermore, the combination pushchair is equipped with sturdy metal baskets underneath the pushchair and a handy mesh bag at the handle, to transport the shopping and other things without issue. You will also find the matching warm winter footmuffs made of skin-friendly fleece, which are not only durable but also water-repellent, and will keep your baby in poor weather warm and dry – no matter if it's raining or windy.

Pushchairs: the right model for every need

Parents who want to be flexible around-the-clock concerning the transport of their children, need a handy variation of the combination pushchair in an all-in-one-set. Models of this kind consists of a buggy, a car seat, and a pushchair sport seat. You cut corners here because individual parts do not have to be purchased separately, but are perfectly coordinated with each other in this variation. A specific safety system makes a simple assembly possible, and is convincing due to a maximum amount of flexibility. If you belong to the many parents with sporting ambitions, who want to take their children with them when they go running, a so-called jogger would be the best choice for you. This special pushchair is designed as a three-wheeler pushchair. Three large wheels usually filled with air ensure high comfort even at higher speed. Therefore, joggers are not only suitable for asphalted roads bur also for rough terrain, and offer a maximum amount of smoothness. The brakes as well as the established five point harness system turn the jogger into a safe companion for your child on any route. You have the option to adapt the pushchair to your height with the flexibly adjustable push handle. A few models are equipped with one-hand operation and you can choose which option suits your running performance best.

From pram to buggy: flexibility for every need

A buggy is a safe and convenient way to transport your child on a journey. It can easily be folded together and put away in the car or even in the train. Lying strollers of quality are remarkable for their smoothness without disturbing the driving comfort. The large wheels have specific ball bearings for particularly easy rolling, and the wide wheel track ensures safe driving pleasure. This buggy offers many extras, like a cup holder and a lockable box for important things. If your child gets tired, the back rest can be adjusted so that it can lay down. You decide which pushchair satisfies the demands of your child. If you would like a pushchair with all functions to safely move your child, the combination pushchair is an attractive option. Globetrotters and sport enthusiasts who want to take their child with them can choose from flexible variations which resemble sports equipment and offer safety and comfort for both child and parents. Apart from technical details modern pushchairs also convinces due to appealing design. A trendy form and light, but at the same time sturdy frames together with a range of different coverings, leave nothing to be desired. You have the choice between colourful prints, subdued colours and special material, like leather and high-tech cloth.
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