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Quaint and practical, a pull-along wagon is a must for any young family, whether you need to transport picnic supplies or a sleepy child! Choose from our selection of sturdy and attractive pull-along wagons for an excellent addition to any family's garden shed!
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Trundling along on sturdy wheels, a pull-along wagon is one of the oldest and most recognisable wooden toys in the world. For centuries, parents have used wagons like these to transport their children and their belongings, and today they are still proving their worth. Whether beach, park, or garden, a wagon will make your day out easy and hassle-free. Ditch the heavy backpacks full of swimming gear and beach sand! Pack anything and everything, from sporting equipment to picnic supplies, to make your trip that little bit easier. Children can hitch a ride on this classic family item too, turning a day out into a fun adventure for everyone!


A pull-along wagon can be useful in everyday life too; in fact, it can quickly become indispensable. Awkward trips to the supermarket are made easier when all your shopping can be pulled along in a compact, sturdy wagon. Moving heavy items like compost sacks, crates of food and drink, barbeque fuel and more doesn't have to be back-breaking labour either!

For the well-travelled, our folding wagon is an excellent choice. Designed to fit neatly into your luggage or store snugly away on buses and trains, it can make holidays and long journeys infinitely easier. Instead of having bags hanging from every shoulder and elbow, you can bring everything you need in one convenient place!

Plenty of storage space
Useful for all ages
Attachable sunroof
Hanging pocket
Practical rubber tires