Large Rubber Band set with Loom Board

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  • 600 or 1,200 loom bands
  • Loom board included
  • 24 S-clips
  • Practical hook
  • Cool creative hobby for kids
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Contents Included

A fun and creative hobby for your child

You are sure to have heard the term "loom bracelets" recently if you have a child. In every kindergarten, primary school and even beyond children have found a passion for the new craze sweeping the world: Children can be extremely creative and build their own bracelets in all kinds of colours, and some even make hats and gloves out of the colourful bands.

How to make loom bracelets

Loom bracelets are fun and easy to make. With just a little practice you can be making all kinds of fun and new creations. With the loom board and hook bracelets can be made in no time saving your child a lot of frustration and letting their imaginations be their only limit. Simply stretch the rubber bands between the loom board pegs in a zig zagging pattern and then use the hook to hitch the bands to each other. Finally, use an S-clip to attach the two ends to one another. Full instructions including pictures are included with this great set.

  • Very trendy in the USA
  • Extremely popular with young children
  • 600 or 1,200 bands included
  • 12 different colours
  • Loom board and hook included
  • 24 S-clips to complete bracelets
Technical Information
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): ca. 23.5 x 12.3 x 4 cm
  • Material: rubber
  • Bands: 12 different colours
  • Loom board: transparent white
Contents Included
1 x large rubber band kit GMBS01 with 600 or 1,200 bands as chosen
1 x loom board
1 x hook
24 x S-clips
1 x instruction manual (EN, FR, DE)
Art.No.: GMBS01-1