Wooden Venetian Blinds - White white: 50 x 130 cm
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Wooden Venetian Blinds - White white: 50 x...

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  Real wood
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Roller Blinds - Grey grey: 120 x 175 cm

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Roller Blinds - Grey grey: 120 x 175 cm
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Window blinds are a stylish and functional alternative to curtains, letting you keep sunlight out whilst you sleep, keeping your home private and personal when you want to, and folding neatly out of the way when not in use to give you full use of your windows. Take a look through our range of roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, insect meshes, and more, available online at
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An uncovered window lets in sunlight at all times, and although normally a sunny and well-lit room is a good thing, sunlight pouring through your window whilst you are trying to sleep is not always welcome. Blinds let you regulate the amount of light in your room at any one time, as well as close your windows for a little privacy, and so are a great addition to any room for practicality's sake. Some forms of blind help to prevent the flow of heat, helping you to keep your room warm in winter and cool in high summer.

A well-chosen blind can also add taste and style to any room, changing the mood and atmosphere by adding colour, making them a great way to decorate your bedroom, living room, or kitchen according to your own personal tastes.


There are many different types of blind, and we have a great selection available at
Roller blinds are simple and easy to use, rolling neatly out of the way when not in use and providing total opaque coverage when extended. They are constructed of a sheet of material wrapped around a bar or tube at either end, somewhat like a medieval scroll might be, meaning that a roller blind hangs straight and does not tangle.
Venetian blinds contain multiple slats of wood, plastic, or metal, and can be turned 170 degrees in order to permit or block the entry of light, or lifted out of the way entirely by means of their pull cord. Venetian blinds look great and stylish, and can add a flair of classic ornamentation to any room.


Insects can get particularly annoying during the summer months, and having to keep windows shut during the heat of summer can be stifling and unenjoyable. Insect nets and screens let you keep unwanted bugs out of your home whilst letting fresh air and sunlight into your home.