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A doormat should be robust. Day after day, people step on it, wipe their shoes or deposit their shoes on it before entering a building. A doormat should normally be both abrasion and slip resistant, having the ability to absorb moisture and look attractive at the same time. A welcoming doormat ensures friendly looks while trapping dust and dirt at the same time. Once you step on your doormat, the popular quote, "My home is my castle" becomes a reality. You will find a wide range of doormats at jago24 which can be purchased at reasonable prices.
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The doormat as perfect home accessory

There are mats made of polyamide, synthetic grass, coir mat, rubber and even mats which clean shoes on entering a building. While one doormat might be plain, the other might appeal with its unusual design, quote or colourful pattern. Doormats also vary in sizes, ranging from 60x40 cm to larger ones with a length of 180 cm and a width of 120 cm. The settings of the doormats vary just as much as the doormats themselves. From the outside patio to the house entrance - in front or behind the front door - right up to the entrance of hotel and conference centres. A doormat is mandatory, looks great and ensures that no dirt is brought into your home or building.

Different types of doormats

Before you decide to buy a doormat you should know the different kinds of doormats available.

Here you will find a list of the most popular mats:

  • rubber mats
  • ribbed door mats
  • synthetic grass mats
  • coir doormats
All of these various kinds of mats are also available in different sizes, from the small bedside rug to the rectangular mat, placed in front of or behind the door, up to large dirt trapper mats placed in the entrance area, absorbing moisture brought in by shoes and also serving as an area where the family leaves their shoes.  Another selection criterion is the colour. Doormats can be plain or patterned. Those having quotes like "Home Sweet Home" are also quite popular.

Characteristics of a good doormat

The function of a doormat is to keep dirt and moisture away from the apartment. At the same time it should be non-slip.  Doormats purchased in our online shop at jago24 all have these features. These anti-slip mats, available in sizes S to XXL, prevents you from slipping when removing dirt from your shoes. At the same time a large proportion of road dirt will remain on the mat and by rainy weather you will be able to enter your home with dry shoe soles after using the mat. It will help  keep your home cleaner. High-quality mats are able to withstand all this, as it is more than robust and made of highly resistant material which are mostly weather resistant. This is the reason why they can also be found at doctors' offices, entrances to hotels and companies, ensuring that the  buildings remain clean.

Door mats as calling cards

Due to their robustness these durable home accessories can be quickly washed by hand or machine when they get dirty and in no time at all look attractive once again. A doormat often serves as a kind of calling card for those living behind the house or apartment door.  One is able to recognize the personality and individual style of the house owner by looking at the doormat. Generally a neat and colourful or unique doormat sets a colourful accent and lifts the mood of the person standing outside. Browse through our wide range of anti-dirt, anti-slip and at the same time attractive mats at jago24 and choose the appropriate size required.