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Nobody likes having nosy neighbors or passers-by look into their bedroom. In order to protect your privacy, visual protections can be purchased for your windows.
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Individual visual protection for your windows

In our online shop you will find different ways to screen your window and thus keep prying eyes out.

Window screening possibilities:

  • privacy films
  • curtains
  • blinds
  • pleated blinds
  • venetian blinds
  • sliding systems
There are of course many different ways to protect your privacy and the choice of a visual screen often depends on your own needs and requirements. However, windows also plays an important role. Not every type of window can be equipped with a privacy screen. Privacy films are very popular and offer many advantages.

The advantage of window films

Window films can be used if there is little space. These films occupy little space and can be attached to all types of windows. It can be used for very large windows, as well as hard to reach skylights. Such a film provides the ideal visual protection and each user can decide if only part of the glass surface is to be covered or the complete surface. Thus, you have many variations possibilities using the frosted window films. Another advantage is that the film is completely translucent so that you will have no problems with dark rooms. However it as acts as a privacy screen on the outside. The light which falls through the film is very pleasant and relaxing. Of course, a sun protection film can also be used. These use a special lamination which ensures that that sunlight does not dazzle or disturb. In this case, a sun protection film as well as any other privacy film can be attached. Of course, these films have additional advantages. There are no costly construction measures necessary so that they can be fitted. Also, an exchange of glass surfaces is not necessary. Due to the different types of film you have creative freedom and can give free rein to your creativity. Should you no longer like the film or should the film have to be removed this is can be done without residues.  Frosted glass films and more are very convenient and easy alternatives to venetian blinds, roller blinds and the like.

Attachment of the window film

This film for the window screening can be mounted in just a few minutes. The films can be quickly and neatly attached to the desired surface. It can also be attached to hard to reach or asymmetric glass surfaces. Even unusual design ideas can be implemented. Once the film is attached, it is completely maintenance-free and easy to clean. Due to the special coating there is no accumulation of dirt and easy cleaning is possible. Preferably, the films should be attached to the inner surfaces of the windows to ensure a longer lifespan.