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The most beautiful living room with stylish furniture and pretty decorations is only perfect when there are pictures and photos in elegant picture frames. It then becomes beautiful in a unique way. This unique ambience can be created with the help of framed pictures. Enjoy the ambience at home  in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or hallway and select sturdy and at the same time fanciful picture frames for the appropriate presentation of your motifs.
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Photo frames to enhance your pictures

Pictures or photographs should be placed in appropriate picture frames. We no longer live in an era where frameless posters are pinned directly to the wall. We all know that clothes make the man and in the same way a picture, poster or a photograph needs a frame. After all, canvas paintings are not hung in museums directly on the wall but are placed in elegant picture frames. Our online shop at Jago24 has a wide selection of frames due to the fact that there are so many different frames made of so many different materials to fit various rooms. A photo frame might look great in a nursery or might be suitable as a decorative gift for grandmother's birthday whereas a baroque picture frame is more suitable for the official portrait of your wedding.

The perfect frame for your motifs

Before purchasing a picture frame one has to decide which frame is appropriate for the picture or photo. Two questions of vital importance are:

  1. the motif
  2. the format

A sober design, such as a black and white photograph require a frame which is less striking. In this case an aluminium frame such as those on offer in the online shop at Jago24 is appropriate. On the other hand brightly coloured paintings look twice as good in elegant picture frames. Especially baroque picture frames create extra visual impressions and ensure that the picture becomes an eye-catcher, even if it is just because of the frame.  At jago24.co.uk you will find a selection of brightly coloured frames, such as in pink or hot pink, should you opt for an unusual colour. Your picture will be the centre of attention.

Select the right size for your picture frames

It is important to choose the correct size of your picture frame. This should correspond to the dimensions of the picture or photo which is being framed. The general rule is that you the frame chosen should be the same size as the photo, so for a motive in size DIN A1 a DIN A1frame should be chosen. Smaller picture formats up to DIN A4 require corresponding smaller snap frames. A smaller picture format can also be inserted into a larger picture frame, as in the case of a passepartout. Corresponding and low priced picture frames which will enhance your photos can be found in our online shop of jago24.


Picture frames for the whole family

In addition to picture frames for conventional painting, pictures, photographs, prints and posters you will find appropriate frames for special occasions in our online shop at jago24 at a low cost.   There are also beautifully designed picture frames especially for the family, partner, child or friends. In this frame you can create a collage consisting of ten your favourite pictures, showing a whole panorama of your shared experiences, such as photos of your child from childhood to adulthood, treasured moments shared with your partner or photos of good friends living abroad. These frames enjoy increasing popularity and ensure that valuable memories do not collect dust in photo albums and are visible at all times.

Factors to consider before buying a picture frame

  • What is the best format for the picture being framed? Choose among the smaller sizes such as A4 to large frame sizes such as A0 or B1.

  • Should your picture frame attract attention or is the beauty of the picture sufficient?  In the former case we recommend snap frames made of aluminium.
  • Does the frame match the rest of your interior decoration? Or should it stand out with baroque splendour and striking colours? Select the picture frame depending on your personal taste.
  • Do you want to highlight happy memories of friends, family and holiday experiences? Select in this case a picture frame which can hold up to 10 photos.
  • Do you want to set colourful accents to your home? Then opt for the colourful PVC picture frame or the baroque picture frame made of plastic and wood fibres in purple to white gold.