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Wall clock - The classic among clocks

The time – time sometimes goes by quickly, sometimes slowly. Our perception of time is different from day to day and needs a little practical support. A wall clock tells you the time at a short glance. The wall clock is a classic among clocks and is available in many variations. What are the differences, what benefits do the various models have, and what considerations should be taken into account before purchasing a clock?
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Wall clocks - advantages and disadvantages of the different models

Wall clocks are extremely diverse, not only in their appearance and design, but also in their mechanics. There are different kinds of wall clocks:

  • analog wall clocks
  • digital wall clocks
  • pendulum wall clocks
  • quartz wall clocks
  • radio controlled clocks

Analogue wall clock

Analogue clocks have hands, are usually equipped with a quartz movement and are extremely easy to use. Setting the time is simple, and requires only a cursory glance at the dial to see the time. The ticking of the pointer makes this type of clock not necessarily suitable for the bedroom. However the analogue clock is perfect in the living room, hallway or kitchen.

The advantages at a glance:
  • easy to use
  • time quickly recognizable
  • countless shapes, colours and wall clock designs

Digital wall clock

The complex technology of a digital wall clock is sometimes susceptible to interference compared to the simpler analogue model. Setting the time is usually a little more complicated. However, a digital clock can be set and read precisely. Many digital clocks are radio controlled, so they do not have to be set manually. Some models are also equipped with additional practical features such as the display of the date or the temperature. Reading takes a second or two longer to allow the eye to focus on all the numbers, while the pointers of the analogue clock are quickly recognizable. Thanks to its silent mode of operation, the digital clock is perfect for the bedroom or office.

The advantages at a glance:
  • silent operation
  • precise setting of the time
  • a variety of radio controlled clock models

Pendulum wall clock

These clocks impress with their stylish looks and classic design and are not only available as grandfather clocks. The decorative character of the pendulum makes it a real eye-catcher. However, in addition to its visual appeal, the pendulums in most clocks are essential for the operation of the clocks. Periodically, the clock has to be winded up, however it works without electricity or batteries. Modern versions are also available with power supply, in this case the pendulum is mainly for decoration purposes.

The advantages at a glance:
  • stylish furnishing
  • classic operation
  • modern versions also available with power supply

 A wide selection of wall clock designs  - finding the right model

No matter which technique you prefer for your new wall clock, before purchasing a wall clock certain aspects should be taken into consideration: In which room is the wall clock to be hung? What colour and style does this room have? A wall clock matching in colour should be selected. A wall clock in a similar tone blends in with the rest of the room, but contrasts are also allowed. A wall clock, placed deliberately to set a colour accent or as a breach of style in a room, works wonders and creates a whole new ambience, without much effort. A little tip: Thought should be given in advance as to where the clock is to be placed. The numbers are sometimes difficult to recognize from further distances especially by fanciful designs.