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Mini Fridges are a great way to keep chilled snacks and drinks at hand, whether in the lounge, the office, or even outdoors! Chilled coolers let you keep a whole picnic fresh, or bring groceries back from the shops, whilst ice makers can help to make any drink cool and refreshing even on the hottest of summer days. Take a look at our great selection, available online at!
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People have been chilling food for centuries. The ancient Romans had specially designed ice houses, buried underground and sheltered from the sun by thick walls, to keep ice and other goods chilled and fresh, but nowadays we have more advanced ways of chilling our food.
A standard fridge should keep food temperatures stable at between 3°C and 5°C, as higher temperatures let food go off whilst lower temperatures can damage food and remove vital nutrients.


Mini Fridges are becoming increasingly popular as lifestyles get busier and busier. A mini fridge is an electrically powered fridge which can be plugged in to any mains outlet, as well as many car cigarette lighter outlets, and provides just enough space to keep a small meal, snacks, drinks, or other perishables cooled. Whether you want to keep your lunch chilled at the office, or want to keep your drinks refreshingly cool in the lounge or den, a mini fridge is a great and space-saving way to preserve drinks and food.


A picnic is always a great idea, especially in summer, but such great sunshine and heat can ruin food quickly, making drinks lukewarm, melting ice cream and dairy, and maybe even spoiling meats and other fresh foods. A cool box works by reflecting heat and sunlight  with a thick layer of foam or insulating material, usually in combination with gel packs or ice cubes placed inside to help keep the base temperature low.
Even groceries can benefit from the use of a cool box, as sometimes during a long journey home frozen goods and dairy can be spoiled by the heat.
The cool box is also electrically powered, and can be plugged in to a car cigarette lighter or mains outlets. It also doubles as a heated box, allowing you to keep warm meals such as takeaways piping hot and ready to serve!


During summer, a refreshing drink is one of the best ways to keep cool and hydrated. Adding ice cubes is a good way to keep your drink chilled and refreshing, and an ice maker from lets you create ice cubes using only fresh water in under 13 minutes. It can operate on battery power and so you can have fresh ice wherever you go!