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When the season changes and cold weather approaches, there is nothing better than a glass of mulled wine to make the cold winter evenings comfortable and harmonious. You can choose among different sized mulled wine heaters in our online shop at jago24. Our mulled wine can do much more than just boil mulled wine. It can also be used to warm soups and other beverages.

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  • Mulled wine cooker

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  • Electric Tea Urn

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Mulled wine - one of the most popular hot drinks during the advent season

As snowflakes dance in front of the window due to the swirling wind, a scent of cinnamon, anise and clove floats through your cosy and warm living room, while in the background the crackling and popping of the fireplace can be heard, then it is just the time to have a glass of mulled wine.

This tradition dates back to antiquity. In the Middle Ages it was cold spiced wine which warmed the men's hearts. The first mulled wine was bottled in Augsburg in 1956. However, the wine law had to be changed to allow sugar to be added as an ingredient so that mulled wine could be legalized. Prepare your mulled wine according to your taste in the stylish mulled wine heaters from Jago.

Mulled wine heaters in different models at JAGO

Wherein can you prepare mulled wine?

Firstly, we recommend using a mulled wine heater. There is a wide selection of low priced models in the online shop at jago24. It is important to choose the correct size. A mulled wine heater with a capacity of 8.8 litres is sufficient for a small family, whereas large families with a lot of relatives should rather resort to a model holding 25 litres. Of course further models ranging from 10-20 litres can be found at JAGO. The power of mulled wine heaters ranges from 950 watts to over 2000 watts. Simply select the right model.

The correct temperature of mulled wine

In order to heat your mulled wine properly the minimum temperature of your new mulled wine heater should be about 30 degrees Celsius. It does not matter whether the mulled is to be made from white or red wine. When heating please ensure that the mulled wine is heated to no more than 80 degrees Celsius as the alcohol contained in the mulled wine begins to evaporate at 78 degrees Celsius upwards, causing the spices to dominate the wine flavour, altering the taste. The mulled wine heater keeps your drinks warm for a long time. This can be easily regulated via a temperature controller and a button.

More than just a mulled wine heater

A mulled wine heater is not only intended for mulled wine. It can also be used to prepare a variety of hot drinks:
  • delicious tea
  • tasty coffee
  • hot lemon
  • warming grog
  • glögg from Scandinavia
  • a variety of punches
These drinks can also be kept up warm with the heater. Glögg is the Scandinavian version of mulled wine which is made with red wine and grain alcohol or vodka. Raisins and almonds can be added according to taste. It is traditionally served with gingerbread and lussekater (saffron buns).

Spices and recipes

A good mulled wine consists of a variety of spices as ingredients with which the flavoured beverage can be refined individually according to your taste: cinnamon sticks, cloves, lemon peel, star anise, cardamom, fresh ginger or vanilla pods.  In order to make a good Jagertee - a well-known variant of mulled wine - black tea, freshly squeezed orange juice and allspice are also needed. Various mulled wine recipes can be found on the internet. You will be able to prepare a variety of mulled wines easily with the mulled wine heaters from JAGO. Serve your guests delicious gingerbread, cookies or stollen with the mulled wine. During the Christmas season there is hardly anything better.

Purchase your mulled wine heater at JAGO

Have your been looking for the perfect heater for making hot drinks and mulled wine all these years? Now your search is finally over and you can sit back, relax and enjoy. And if you still need a suitable gift for Christmas or a birthday, we recommend this versatile mulled wine heater from JAGO. Order your new mulled wine heater comfortably online with fast delivery. More information concerning shipping and delivery times can be found on the website. Customers appreciate the many different payment methods.
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