Frosted window film in 5 sizes

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  • different sizes
  • self-adhesive
  • material: PET
  • keeps out curious glances
  • translucent with UV protection
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Frosted window film – protection from unwanted glances, heat and UV light

No-one likes to have nosy passersby glancing through their window.  Whatever you need a little privacy for, frosted window film helps you establish your own boundaries. Apart from that, by blocking approximately 90% of UV light, it protects you and your skin from otherwise potentially harmful exposure to harsh UV rays. It also reflects 60% of sunlight and 30% of heat energy, helping to keep your room cool, shady and comfortable. The film is self-adhesive, easy to install and available in five different sizes.
  • keeps out curious glances
  • also protects from UV light, heat and sunlight
  • easy to stick on to windows
  • available in five different sizes
Technical Information
  • available sizes (width/length):
  • ca. 152/300 cm (59.8/118.1 in), ca. 152/600 cm (59.8/236.2 in), ca. 152/900 cm (59.8/354.3 in), ca.75/300 cm (29.5/118.1 in), ca. 75/600 cm (29.5/236.2 in), ca. 75/900 cm (29.5/354.3 in), ca. 75/1200 cm (29.5/472.4 in)
  • UV-protection: ca. 90 %
  • transparency: ca. 40 %
  • heat-reflection: ca. 30 %
  • material: PET
  • colour: milk-glass
  • Note: choose a size that is larger than the surface you want to stick the film to; the leftover film can then be cut away with a Stanley knife.
Contents Included

  • 1 x frosted window film MGFO-2 in the size of your choice
  • 1 x instruction manual (EN/DE/FR)

Note: Wall tattoos are not included.
Art.No.: MGFO-2-75x300CM