Self-adhesive UV window film in silver

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  • 99 % UV protection
  • self-adhesive
  • with mirror effect
  • protection from curious eyes
  • reduces the heating-up of the room
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Protection from UV sunlight

Whether at the office or at home, sometimes bright sunlight is not always welcome. Constant sun glare and harmful UV rays can, when unchecked, be anything from a mild nuisance to a serious health risk. To reduce the amount of sunlight and UV rays coming through your window without shutting the blinds and hiding away from the world, UV window film is the perfect solution.The size of your window is obviously important. We offer a range of sizes to suit every need, from the smallest pane to the largest skylight. The film can also be trimmed to match the specific dimensions of any window. The advantage of this self-adhesive sun protection film lies in the fact that it filters out 99 % of harmful UV rays, 86 % of solar heat energy, and lets 26 % of sunlight to pass through, allowing you to work or watch TV without being disturbed by sunglare or stuffy heat, without totally isolating you.

  • 99 % UV protection
  • significant reduction of sun glare
  • 86 % of the sun's heat is reflected
  • easy to install
Technical Information
  • colour: silver
  • UV protection: approx.99%
  • light transmission: approx. 26%
  • heat-reflection: approx. 86%
  • material: PET
Size choice:
  • l/w: ca. 152x1200 cm
  • l/w: ca.  152x2400 cm
  • l/w: ca. 152x300  cm
  • l/w: ca. 152x600 cm
  • l/w: ca.  152x900 cm
  • l/w: ca. 75x1200 cm
  • l/w: ca. 75x2400 cm
  • l/w: ca. 75x300  cm
  • l/w: ca. 75x600  cm
  • l/w: ca.  75x900 cm
Contents Included
  • 1 x silver sun protection film SOSFO-2 in the size of your choice
  • 1 x multilingual mounting instructions (EN/DE/FR)
Art.No.: SOSFO-2-75x300CM