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There are table lamps and desk lamps for every occasion. In the past, their main role was a functional one; they were primarily designed to shine a light on the bureau or desk, or to provide a reading light beside the bed. Today, however, they often take on a decorative role, with dimmers to let you adjust the ambience to suit your mood, or designs that make them a real feature in the room. The humble table lamp has gone from a functional object to a real all-rounder – and you'll find a great range of those all-rounders in the online shop at

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Table lamps – what are the options?

Table lamps come in a huge range of shapes and sizes, from much-loved classics such as the stunning Tiffany lamp, Wilhelm Wagenfeld's legendary Bauhaus model and British designer George Carwardine's iconic Anglepoise, to modern bedside lights, desk lamps and mood lighting. But they all have one thing in common – they are all designed to shed light on a certain area. With a functional desk lamp, that usually means your workspace, desk or bureau. A bedside light, on the other hand, offers a comfortable glow to relax, read and wind down by before you turn it off and go to sleep. Table lamps all have individual lighting characteristics – and no matter what your requirements, you'll find individual models to suit your needs in the online shop.

What should I consider when buying a table lamp?

Before you decide on a new table lamp, there are a few factors to take into consideration. Because it's always a good idea to make a check-list in such situations, we at would like to lend you a helping hand! Here are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to help with making the right decision: * What do I need the light for? Where should it stand? Desk lamps and bedside lights have different benefits. * How bright do I need it to be? Is 40 watts enough, or should it be somewhat brighter? Should the lampshade be transparent, opaque, colourful? Do I want my table lamp for reading, or do I want to create ambience? * Should it have a stand, or do I want a desk lamp I can clip onto a piece of furniture? * Do I want to be able to dim the lighting level? * Should the switch be on the base or on the cable? Or would I prefer a touch version, so that I can increase or reduce the brightness with just the tap of a finger?

Your buying guide for desk lamps

The above list should go some way to helping you know what you should take into consideration before making a purchase; asking yourself some of these questions should help simplify the buying process. Generally speaking, a desk lamp belongs on a desk, and a bedside light belongs bedside the bed. This is not just for aesthetic purposes; the quality of the light also plays an important role. Working by a purpose-built desk lamp helps you get the job done, whereas a reading light on the bedside table creates a a cosy atmosphere, helping you to wind down with a good book after a long day and get ready for bed. Desk lamps also differ from other table lamps in terms of their design. They are often jointed, making it possible to adjust the arm in several places and achieve the perfect beam and brightness for your work. A clip or clamp is a handy feature that's often included, letting you attach it directly to a piece of furniture. Other table and bedside lights often boast a cheerful design with a colourful or white lampshade, so that it's not so bright and is therefore cosier. In addition, many table lamps have a dimmer function, which lets you create a romantic atmosphere for an evening in.

Modern touch table lamps

Most of us are used to desk lamps that have a long cable with a switch attached, and traditional models often feature a switch on the base, but touch table lamps have steadily gained in popularity in recent years, and it's not difficult to see why. Unlike functional desk lamps, for example, models with this practical feature don't have a light switch as such. From shade to base, the lamp itself acts as the on and off switch; just a tap of the finger is all it takes. Each subsequent tap then increases the intensity. Once you've tapped your way through all lighting levels, one more prod and the touch table lamp will switch off. You'll most often find this feature on bedside or decorative table lights – as well as on many of the small lights on offer in the online shop. The advantage of this clever technology is obvious; whether you need a bright beam to browse by or you want to set the mood for a romantic evening in for two, simply adjust the brightness accordingly with just a touch.

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