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Armchairs are a popular piece of furniture found across the world. Luxurious and comfortable, they add a sense of style and a feeling of tranquility to any room. Whether as seating for a cosy living room or as a comfortable refuge in your office or bedroom, a quality armchair is a great piece that will make any home feel welcoming and well-appointed.
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The armchair is one of the most recognisable and widely available kinds of chair in the world. Comfortable and luxurious, designed to relax its occupant and provide a cosy seat in which you can read, relax, watch TV, socialise, or simply take a nap.

Armchairs date back at least as far as ancient Egypt, if not further, and were symbols of power and authority, mostly because they were the largest and most comfortable seats available. Even powerful lords and barons would sit on regular chairs or stools whilst their kings and queens sat on armchairs, giving rise to the throne, which is effectively simply an incredibly ornate armchair.

Nowadays such regal luxury is widely available, and anyone who wants their own comfortable corner whether in living room, bedroom, or office, can choose from the amazing selection available at the online shop.


A leather chair is an incredibly stylish and attractive choice for any living room or office. Taking up less space than a full armchair, it is nevertheless practical and attractive, with fine leather upholstery and thick padding making it a comfortable place to sit and work. Combined with a footstool, a leather chair becomes a splendid recliner and a wonderful place to relax, whether you want to chat the evening away or read in peace and quiet.


A recliner chair is a specially engineered leather armchair with a reclining back and footrest. From full upright to practically flat, a recliner allows you to precisely adjust your sitting or lying position. A recliner is therefore a multi-functional piece of luxury furniture, ideal whether you want to sit around the table playing cards with friends and family, or simply lie back and relax after a busy day.


Our wide range of armchairs, leather chairs, and recliner chairs, means that however you want to furnish your home, we have just the right chair for you. Browse through our fantastic selection of styles, colours, and materials to find the furniture you need to complete your home, available to order online today from