Bean Bags

Bean bags are an increasingly popular piece of furniture for every room. As cosy beds or trendy chairs, they allow you to relax in total comfort and enjoy whatever you are doing, whether it's watching a film, reading a book, or chatting with friends and family.
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Bean bags are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK. Large cloth sacks filled with fine polystyrene or styrofoam beads, they mould themselves to your body shape as you sit, resulting in a comfortable place to rest, relax, and enjoy your free time. Some office places even use bean bag chairs for their employees, in breakrooms or on the work floor, believing that relaxed and comfortable employees will be happier and more productive!


Bean bags and bean bag chairs are so comfortable because of their unique design. Instead of a solid, padded surface, they instead are made of hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny foam beads which can flow and move to accommodate your body as you sit, somewhat like a memory foam mattress. The beads are tiny and so feel smooth and natural to sit on, and mean that bean bags can be reshaped to allow a variety of postures. To help with this, loops and straps along the side of our large bean bags mean that you can create several types of bean bag furniture from one bean bag. Unstrapping them all leaves you with a long, spacious bean bag that can be used as a temporary bed for an afternoon nap or a sleepover. Alternatively, you can strap them to the tightest loop and create a form of armchair, allowing you to sit upright with a little back support, ideal for watching TV, playing video games, reading and more.


Our range of large bean bags comes in a variety of trendy colours to match any room. A  bean bag chair is a cool and unique addition to your home, and looks and feels great.

Whether you want a bean bag for your video gaming den, or as a lounging piece for your living room, we have a great range of bean bags available to order online at today!