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A roaring fire is a source of comfort and warmth, and people have been gathering around fires since the dawn of history, and we instinctively find the smell of smoke comforting for precisely this reason. To safely tend your fire, you can use the high quality fireplace accessories available at, including fireside tools, ash vacuum cleaners, coal scuttles, and wood baskets.
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The fireplace has long been the centre of family life, ever since humanity discovered the use of fire. From Viking firepits to the great hearth of a medieval hall, a fireplace serves to warm the room and provide a welcoming, cosy atmosphere.
Nowadays, many houses still have fireplaces, whether for asthetic design or as an alternative source of heat during the cold winter months. Tending to a fire and keeping your fireplace clean and tidy are important parts of using fires, and so by using the catalogue of fireplace accessories such as fire pokers, ash vacuum cleaners, coat scuttles and wood baskets, you can fill your home with the warmth of a roaring fire.


Fires are laid differently across the country, with coal being more predominant throughout the North of England, whilst wood fires are more popular further South and in Scotland, for a variety of reasons. Whatever fuel you choose to lay your fire with, you will need a place to store it, and so a coal scuttle or wood basket is a useful and handy tool for storing and transporting everything you need to set your fire well.
Made out of quality steel, with three mesh sides to hold your fuel steady whilst allowing easy loading and access, the Firewood Wagon is a great choice. Convenient wheels make it easy to move wood or coal from the garage to the fireplace, whilst the inbuilt set of fireside tools mean that you have everything you need to lay your fire.


A fire naturally produces a lot of ash, whether from wood or coal, and it is a good idea to clean this out regularly to help your fire oxygenate and keep your fireplace clean
Specialised vacuum cleaners, designed to handle ash and fireplace refuse, are the easiest way to clean your fireplace. A steel tank for safe storage keeps the ashes well contained, and a washable filter to collect larger debris and detritus means that the messy business of sweeping up ashes is a thing of the past.


Fires should ideally be tended, to help control the speed and intensity at which they burn, as well as preventing any logs or coals from falling out of the grate and potentially starting an uncontrolled fire. Tongs are useful for placing new fuel into the fire, whilst a poker is good for rearranging burning logs and coal and a shovel is useful for clearing ash and debris whilst the fire is still blazing. Made out of durable steel, with stainless steel handles for easy handling, a fireside tool set including poker and tongs is an essential part of any fireplace.

Whatever you need to lay a crackling fire in your fireplace, you'll find it for incredible prices at the online shop, so take a look today for great quality products and speedy delivery!