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Boxes, baskets, and other small storage items help you sort your possessions quickly and tidily, so that you never again have to go searching for the tie you could have sworn you saw yesterday or the earrings you just know have to be around here somewhere. Visit the online shop today to find the ideal storage solutions for your home.
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Even the largest of homes never seems to have enough space. Books, shoes, clothes, documents, gadgets, spare buttons, post-it notes,  and a thousand other everyday items seem to pile up and cover every available surface in the house.
Our wide range of storage solutions offers plenty of easy and practical solutions to help you sort your possessions and organise your home, freeing up space and time to let you get on with the things that really matter.


A jewellery box is a great way to keep your valuables organised and safe. We stock several high quality jewellery boxes, made out of artificial leather and soft interior padding to provide a stylish and secure place to keep your jewellery. They include storage drawers and compartments, a lock with matching keys, and a reinforced glass panel to let you view your valuables, as well as special removable cushions on which to display watches.
We also sell metal-shuttered cupboards, shoe cupboards, shoe boxes, and box-towers for you to store everything from your shoe collection to your prize tools.


We sell a selection of high quality wooden baskets, made from genuine bamboo, to add  elegant and reliable capacity for any room. Ideal for use as laundry baskets, these baskets look great and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, so that whatever your style, you can find a basket that's perfect for your home.


When you need to store a lot of items, whether up in your attic or in your suitcase, saving space can be difficult. Using a vacuum storage bag, you can tightly pack clothes and other possessions by removing the air within the bag and compressing the clothes as much as possible. This can be done with most standard vacuum cleaners and is a great way to save space and time whilst packing.