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The Jago24 Pet Supplies range offers a wide assortment of accessories for your companions. Whether you are looking for dog beds, cat trees, hamster cages or anything to do with dogs, cats, birds, or rodents, you are sure to find the right product for your pet in our online shop.

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Pet owners naturally want the best for their pets, which is why Jago24 is happy to offer the appropriate equipment for your companion's needs. Whether your pet is feathered or four-legged, Jago24 caters for every dog, cat, bird, or rodent. Our extensive catalogue of pet supplies is subdivided into the following categories:

  • Dogs – supplies for man's best friend

  • Cats – scratching posts and accessories for furry felines

  • Birds – secure homes for parrots, canaries, and more

  • Small animals – equipment for rodents and reptiles



Dogs are faithful and affectionate, making them fantastic companions. They love to stay by your side, and whilst this isn't always possible, Jago24 helps by offering quality accessories such as transport crates and dog cages. These are sturdy and offer plenty of room for your dog's comfort. The Jago24 range of dog bike trailers means that you can even take your canine companions along on a bike ride. This is especially handy if they are too small or too old to keep up with you on their own, or if the roads are just too dangerous for a dog to run free.
After a long day out and about, even the most energetic of dogs needs a good night's sleep, so that they can wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for the next day's adventures. The Jago24 Pet Supplies catalogue offers a wide range of cosy dog beds, suitable for breeds of all sizes and owners of all tastes, and gives your faithful companion a spot of their own to curl up and rest, meaning you might get the sofa to yourself for once!



Cats are intelligent animals and can quickly become bored, especially if their owner isn't always at home to give them attention. A great way to cater for your cat is a Jago24 cat tree. If you have enough room at home, you can offer your pet a dedicated climbing and scratching post to keep them entertained. Cat owners with less floor space can make the most of their room with one of our range of cat trees and scratch posts, available in every shape and size.  Jago24 cat scratching posts are great fun for your pets to climb on and explore, and can save your regular furniture from being ruined by sharp claws. Browse through the wide range of cat products in our Jago24 Pet Supplies catalogue, and order everything your pet needs online today!



Birds – including favourites such as parrots and canaries – make for great pets at home. Their melodious song and colourful plumage is enough to brighten up anyone's day. These birds can be remarkably intelligent, and as social animals they love company. An aviary large enough to give them room to move and to store Our Jago24 Pet Supplies range offers bird cages in various sizes, including climbing poles and perches to keep them comfortable and entertained. A handy drawer makes cleaning out the cages easier than ever, since these products have been designed with the happiness of both pet and owner in mind.



The Jago24 online shop also offers a great selection of pet supplies for small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and reptiles. The products in our Pet Supplies catalogue are designed to cater for the individual needs of your small pet. Guinea pigs, for example, are not confident climbers and do not feel comfortable with steep ladders, preferring to run freely, which is why we offer cages and enclosures with as much space as possible, which can be used outdoors. Hamsters also need to stay active, and so a hamster wheel is important for any hamster cage. Smaller pets love the outdoors just as much as larger animals, and so the cages you will find in our Pet Supplies assortment are easy to transport, whilst our open enclosures can be set up in gardens and parks so that your pet can enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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